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Selective outrage when it comes to the war in middle East, too.....

Abu-Ghraib looked like more like a naked frat prank, yet the NYT used it for 52 front page stories over 1.5 years, and it whipped up killings of Americans.

Now there are real atrocities with Afghan civilians killed and our soldiers posing with dead bodies, and 4000 pictures surfacing in Der Spiegel with Obama as commander in Chief --- and the entire story(s) has been spiked and covered up by the socialist democrat press.

We love our military but Obama has to pay the political price for this.... the soldiers involved are paying the price already.


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If you want muslims to stop killing people to make them submit to Sharia, then stop submitting.

Precisely because muslims will kill innocent people (on the other side of the globe) is why the Koran deserves to be burned and why Sharia and radical muslims are not fit to belong to the civilized world.

People like Graham and the socialist democrats need to stop treating muslims like they are brain damaged invalids in wheel chairs. Muslims kill non-muslims to make them submit and become Dhimmis, so stop submitting.


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Mika sure is Zbig's little girl. Her Daddy is the one who engineered the Iranian Mullah takeover while Carter, the wimp, was president. As we used to say back in those days, "Smooth move Ex-Lax."

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The marxists have done nothing but destroy this country. Now it's our turn to take things back. All the conservative politicians better start sounding like they mean business.

Reagan is not available. Elmer Fudd could beat Obama. But we need right now a cross between Paul Ryan, Ron and Rand Pauls, Trump-Romney, Limbaugh, Gingrich, and Palin.

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"Are you a Marxist?"

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She's WAS carrying the water for Obama, but her water broke when he said that.....

CNN, and the other corrupt media, doing anything they can to make the marxist muslim look good. Filtered liberal opinions only, no other facts are allowed. The conservative water fountain is out back.....

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Color of change are commies under Van Jones who seek to destroy any person or message they don't like.

This is proof their ideas are just not good enough. Instead of changing their ideas or modifying them, they just seek to silence opposition who is winning. It's Alinsky.

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Commie brown shirts will do anything. Is there not a criminal kidnapping charge that can be applied here?

I would have punched the guy if he tried to do that to me or would have made a loud scene and written about that instead of being pushed around. The pool reporter is the one designated to report for all the newsers including the NYT. What were they so afraid of?

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Stupid idiots -- what does that prove? Senseless anarchists who love getting something for nothing so they have nothing to lose and don't respect private property of others. These are the same socialist dopes that are Obama's base.

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Obama is already running for Sec. General of the UN so he can continue riding Soros' coattails for another term when his is over in 2012 here in the US. He is proving he will do anything to appease the NWO. Obama now bows to UN authority as the ultimate authority for US military engagements.