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Thank you, Andrew! If your name isn't universally known now, it soon will be! You gave a voice to Hannah and James, and I hope some Conservative politicians who have a passion for reform, but are lacking the backing of the establishment, make use of your talent for getting the message out!

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This could be another case of Obama throwing someone under the bus for his own purposes. If we are too distracted by this lawsuit, we may not pay attention to his "big picture." Gotta stay focused on health care debate and cap and tax. The lawsuit is a great sideshow. I'm waiting to donate to the Patriot Journalist Defense Fund.

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Well said. I'm also on board with Sarah, wherever she chooses to go. I've donated to her Defense Fund. It doesn't seem fair that she should be $500,000 in debt because her political enemies want to keep her on the ropes with frivolous ethics charges they knew were bogus before filing.


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I totally agree! Her political enemies are in a tizzy right now. They don't know how to deal with her announcement, because now she's free to travel the country, speaking where she will, without being open to their constant hounding about her not doing her job in Alaska. Now all they can say is "quitter," but when we see her speaking out everywhere, it will become evident that she's doing what she said she was going to do.

I'm listening to Joe Pags on Glenn Beck right now, and he seems down on Sarah resigning. He's not taking into account the way she was in effect being held under "house arrest" by the leftists and the MSM. What was she to do if she wanted a political future? Alaska may be large in size, but it's small potatoes in the grand scheme of things. She HAD to be able to get out of Alaska to articulate her message. She's no free to do that, and I applaud her for it. It was a political gamble, but I think not doing it was going to guarantee that she was muzzled until her term was up. We need her and her COMMON SENSE now!! Thank you Sarah! I love you and what you stand for!

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That guy is a troll. Click on his name and go to his profile page. His only purpose on here is to ruffle feathers. If we ignore, rather than respond to these dorks, they'll eventually go away. Trolls love attention. Simply deny them the attention and they'll soon move on to a place where they can cause trouble. Rather than replying to them, it's better to swamp them by remaining positive and not taking their bait. Their presence only reinforces the panic that the left is feeling over the threat Sarah poses to their agenda.

Sarah is the perfect 912 candidate. She's attractive, charismatic, articulate, and lives the values she espouses. The left can't stand that. Because they have nothing legitimate to attack, they make it personal, and attempt to smear her and her family, and ridicule them. It's time for decent Americans of all political stripes to say enough is enough of these gutter snipes. There is no place in decent society for people who act this way. You'd think we could have a debate on issues, but if we do I suppose the far-left knows they'll lose every time. They have to do their best to drag decent people though their own swill, and hope that ignorant people won't know the difference between their drivel and reality.

So, please, don't dignify their comments with a response. We can be open to an honest debate on the issues, but we shouldn't waste our time responding to those who have nothing of value to add to the conversation.

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I believe Sarah will be spending her time supporting Conservative causes, while getting herself ready for the 2012 election. This will be a time of scoping out the situation, and doing some soul-searching as to whether or not she wants to continue to bear the onslaught from the vicious MSM while pursuing her political ambitions. I believe Sarah is exactly what America needs at this critical time. Whether she chooses to run herself, or merely to offer her "star power" to other Conservative candidates, is something only she can decide. But whatever she does, she has my support. She has shown great courage and grace under relentless pressure. She's won my unwavering respect.

I hope all the Sarah supporters here are members of That's a great place to go to discuss "all things Sarah." It would be a great rallying point for all of us who support Sarah. There were 69,799 members when I checked this morning. It would be great to boost that number into the 100s of thousands. Let's show our support of Sarah by banding together under the Team Sarah banner!

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I agree about it being time to take to the streets. The April 15 Tea Parties were just the beginning. I'll be attending a Tea Party on July 4 here in Maine. I'm planning on being in DC for the 912 Tea Party in September. I hope there are 1 million people there. The only thing the clowns in DC are going to understand is massive numbers and a bunch of incumbents being ousted in 2010.

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It's truly what Glenn refers to as a shell game. We aren't supposed to be able to follow the money, and they keep our heads spinning so we don't know where to look next. I'm so FED UP with the government that I'm ready to scream. Tar and feathers comes to mind. The rude, condescending, disrespectful, snobby, and elitist comment made by Barbara Boxer to the general has got me really fired up!

I hope there will be a MILLION people descending on Washington DC in September. I'm a mild-mannered, mind-my-own-business type, but what's going on in America today has me ready to take to the streets. The April 15 Tea Party awakened the activist within me. Looking forward to another on July 4, and then the biggie in DC on Sept 12. If we get loud enough, they're going to HAVE TO LISTEN.

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I admit to not knowing beans about the Fed, so I went and looked at the FAQ on their site.


The Federal Reserve System is not "owned" by anyone and is not a private, profit-making institution. Instead, it is an independent entity within the government, having both public purposes and private aspects."

If you read further, you find that, while they operate independently, they can have their responsibilities altered by Congress. It seems to me the Fed is a lot like Frannie and Freddie. If it's subject to the whims of Congress, how can it be called independent?And with Congress stacked heavily in favor of the White House, it is now subject to the heavy hand of Obama. I certainly hope that HR 1207 passes. It is BADLY needed, given the current political landscape.

If I were asked, I'd say the Fed is a government agency. If it walks like a duck.......

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He could have just rolled over and not exposed himself to the smears and notoriety that he is now experiencing. He knew what he was getting himself into, and he did it anyway, because he knew it was the RIGHT THING TO DO. I wish there were more people like Mr. Walpin who would stand up the underhanded, immoral, and unlawful tactics that a too-powerful government is using to destroy his character.

BRAVO, Mr. Walpin. We support you and we salute you. You are definitely a hero! May you inspire others to speak out as you have done! And kudos to Glenn Beck, as well as Bill O'Reilly, and any others who are exposing this travesty of justice. This is a scandal every bit as important as Watergate.