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Lets see, I haven't read the article above but I know one thing: I've been gone for a while due to personal reasons and the first thing I read from you is once again ignoring the facts.

Fact: The police were called to a suspected break in

Fact: The person that was forcing the door open refused to show ID

Fact: That same person did not want to cooperate to an officer that told that person that he was investigating a suspected break in

Fact: That person got agitated and insulting and was cuffed and arrested for disorderly conduct, something that happens quite often to people that are verbally abusive and agitated in public.

MHO: If you are RUDE to a cop that's investigating a suspected robbery in YOUR OWN HOME and refuse to identify yourself while at the same time accusing said cop of racism YOU GOT WHAT YOU ASKED FOR. I would have been grateful to the officers because they took the time to investigate a suspected break in in my home and would have shown my drivers license. The incident would have lasted all of 10 minutes, if not less, and I would have not ended up in cuffs. Talk about having a huge chip on that shoulder, they were "protecting" his property and he came out, unnecessarily, with both barrels shooting....

I have been stopped and questioned by police several times and I have never been treated with anything other than courtesy but then again I have been courteous and cooperative with the officer who, after all, is doing HIS JOB and never knows that the person he's questioning is planning to hurt him.

As for the demonstrators they have the right to gather and protest (permit or no this IS STILL a free country and We can congregate anywhere we want), and bringing in armored cops is unnecessary if they are doing so peacefully. The demonstrators should be aware that if they clash with the police then anything can happen and not complain about the results.

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The swine flu needs fighting? This thing is mild on healthy people it's only dangerous to people with compromised immune systems. It has killed a grand total of what? 150 people world wide (last I heard) and the "regular flu" kills 36 thousand a year in the US...

He IS dumb...or someone's friend is getting a nice fat check out of this (my bet is on the second one).

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The brightest and best will no longer see the benefit of putting in 10-16 years in college and studies to be slaves to the government. People constantly complain about the amount they pay to doctors, 20 dollars in co-pay seems astronomic, the deductible seems unfair but they fail to recognize that doctors don't get paid right away by madicare/aid or the insurance companies. They are not directly paying the doctor but those entities. I remember when people would pay cash for their health care and it was way cheaper. Medicaid has price mandates that the health insurance companies go by. And who mandates what those prices are? The government.

We need the government to butt out of it. I have a cousin that typically gets paid 3-6 months after providing the services. She works her butt of and is unable to make a decent living as a doctor because most of her patients are Medicaid patients...she still needs to pay her student loans.

I also know doctors that stopped practicing Obstetrics because their malpractice insurance was about half of their yearly income and these were doctors that didn't do anything wrong!

How many of us complain about the co-pay on essential health care treatments but gladly pay the AC guy 500 or 1000 dollars to get our car AC fixed? Think about it...

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Well said! 100% agreed.

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NO one needs to know anyone's sexual preferences or habits. Sex is PERSONAL and people need to keep it that way!

What I find sad is the NEED to tell everyone everything about yourself, WHO the hell cares? I don't.

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Correct, I don't share what I do or not with my husband. This is no ones business and I fail to see why someone needs to be telling others who they sleep with.

I don't like any kind of couple slobbering over each other, period. I don't need to know anyone's sexual experiences and or preferences, period.

Keep it in the bedroom people!

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Lets see, considering the fact that this administration has done things that are treasonous to the Constitution how do you feel about the possibility of the next admin prosecuting those in power now?

Do you think obama and his admin have thought that far into the future? Do you really think that if he does this he'll get away with it and not be hammered next. It would never end.

Besides, name me the crimes. As far as I know obama has ordered more air strikes into places where there have been multiple civilian causalities in Pakistan, on purpose, per month than the previous admin. And we are not at war with Pakistan! This is not excused by the fact that they used drones instead of big bombers to do it. Isn't that a war crime in your eyes, or is it only when the "other guy" does it?

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Thank you bob for doing that.


Really? Please read and separate into coherent sentences and if you don't have a brain injury (like PRINCESS) then refrain from posting in all caps, it's annoying and I usually skip your post to read the answers.

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This is my take too, making special provisions for special people is a direct violation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We ARE ALL equal and making laws that make crimes worse due to the color of someone's skin or their sexual orientation is not Constitutional.