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Mark my words today because I am here to tell you the true effects of the cash for clunkers program.
Sounds good on the surface 4500 dollars for your old piece of crap car and most dealers will match the govt.'s 4500 with 4500 of their own,thats 9k down on a new car.Problem is there arent any 9k dollar cars so you have to finance the other 20k what if you loose your job,or have to take a cut in pay okay they repo the car now it is concidered used. Isnt bad credit a big part of the financial situation we are currently in.This program will end up with auto dealers being flooded with used cars they cant sell and banks having to foreclose on car loans.Yeah that should stimulate the economy glad they are using my tax dollars wisely....

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as a fellow pa resident I would advise forgetting about mr. specter( i called him mister because his days as a senator are numbered) the most important thing we can do is to let our voices be heard in november.What i mean by this is dont just vote rep. or dem but vote liberatarian even if they dont win it sends a message if 30% of the vote goes to canidates that support our constitution then maybe they will get the massage

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Think he meant that talking to our spiritual leaders might help get them involved as well as giving us inspiration.throughout the bible old and new testaments there are many stories of courage of the people to fight against a corrupt leader. Plus I think we should be praying If this health care passes there will (within the 3.5 years left to his term) be an additional 70 to 80 million people who will rely on the govt. for healthcare (who do you think they will vote for?) The current leadership will then be elected to a second term and will fight (with the help of possibly 2 more appointments to the supreme court) for an end to presidential term limits!!!
Think about that.
god help us all,

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Just thought I could give some a little insight into why this happened the man commited suicide by cop on his terms which were to take out a minority(kill) and call attention to his belifes he was 88 years old the significance of 88 in neo nazi terms is hiel hittler ,hh, the 8th letter in the alfabet is h 88 is hh hiel hittler also a common prison tattoo of the arian nation.Not all white supremists are racists (most are) some just feel white pride no differently than lets say italian pride,jewish pride,black pride or latino pride.That said I dont agree with their beliefs but will fight to gaurentee their right to exist because this is a free country and as long as you arent hurting anyone physicaly you can think and say whatever you want and thats american and god bless america

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truth be told more kids do drugs now than drink and alcohol is legal but your pharm pot store wont sell to kids where as your local gang banger will sell to anyone with cash i say legalize and tax it moderatly and use the revenues to fund education and rehabilitation (yes i said legalize and i mean all drugs ) there are too many costs when these things are illegal think prohabition that worked well no.

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hey 1911a love the name got one myself colt commander i guess i missed the hole role call site issue but sounds like a group for me do i just give you my screen name and state like this richwithvalues pennsylvania then go to the yahoo site or are there other instructions?

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actually that is a major missconception about israel yes jews make up the majority and israel was named the first jewish state but modern day israel is populated by christians,jews and even muslims.The reason for purpetuating this jewish state myth is to pander support for the freedom fighters(terrorists) ammong anti-semites think about the claims that 911 was a zionist plot and even if it wasnt it was because of our support of israel(a jewish state) how many anti-semetic americans would sympathise with the lets be honest nbc is owned by ge which needs obamas renewable energy plan and his socialized health care to stay out of bankrupcy themselves might as well be government sponcered propaganda

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first let me say that i wish you the best with your aillment.second you ask a fair question.How did this man get a gun into the meuseum which is in dc. a no carry zone plus just to get to where he was meant passing through metal detectors
This like all shootings will be used as a cry for more gun laws by the left wing

well good luck and god bless

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I too am a beliver but its been a long time since there have been any plagues,and doesnt the teachings tell us god will help those who help themselves.I plan to fight a good fight and god can judge me in the end.

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I think its time for the less left wing supreme court to re-look at the interstate commerce clause and evaluate the interpetation given by an extreme liberal court (any thing that is made or consists of parts made in another state or will be sold or used in another state will fall under the clause of interstate commerce) I for one dont belive this interpetation to be correct it is all too encompassing.Hopefully the Montanna bill will force the fed to bring this issue to the courts.