Tears for America

Tears for America


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Pinal County AZ has now a 9/12 group, come and join us http://www.meetup.com/The-9-12-Project-Casa-Grand...

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We are looking for candidates in Arizona standing up for the our believes and the 9 principles and 12 values. Please visit our site @ http://912candidates.org/az/ . Thank you so much !

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Mollie please contact me @ tearsforamerica@hotmail.com

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We officially started our 9/12 group today in Casa Grande AZ
Please visit : http://www.meetup.com/The-9-12-Project-Casa-Grand...
We love to see you at our first meeting!

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9/12 Casa Grande AZ:
We are meeting with 3 other folks here in town on Sunday and laying out a plan to start our local 9/12 group here in Casa Grande, AZ. A few of our goals are to educate the public, specially the younger generation about the values and principles this country was build on and starting the process of looking for a new candidate for our state . The candidate should stand for the constitution , values and principles of this country. Would love to hear suggestion from people, who started a local group. Thanks so much !

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FIAT also is in contract discussion with German car maker OPEL. I wonder how they can do 2 take overs?

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I heard it too and I am shocked the arrogance B.O. and his admin is showing, when it comes to the average American people. I attended a tea party and only found hard working folks there and small business owners. Well if he things about us like that maybe it helps to stop paying taxes and closing our companies. I am tired of fighting daily for survival and pouring all my money ( including my retirement) into the company to make it through the down wave of the economy and as a support I get these nasty comments from B.O. and his admin.

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Formerly living in a hurricane/tornado area, we always were prepared for some sort of disaster/power outage. When we moved to AZ they all looked at us, as we were nuts, when I requested generator hook up . LOL

Well for the swine flue: right now we don't have cases close by, BUT we have enough food, water, dry milk, masks, medication, gloves, etc in the house to last us weeks. Just think about you wake up in the morning and the first cases are reported in your town. To go out then and try to get things, might put you at a higher risk then preparing now. At that point panic sets in and stores are sold out. Just think about basic emergency preparation for now. I am concerned that the true number of cases is far off. Living now close to the boarder is making things not better.
NOW for our administration: well they rather scare the poor people in NY with abusing our tax money, flying A1 around for photo ops, then putting a health division together. Napolitano is incapable to handle her normal job and I feel that our government is not prepared to handle anything right now. As long as campaigning and talking hot air or playing the blame game is needed, they do well.
In this case concerning the swine flue, I don't think they know what they are dealing with and wasting a good amount of time.
Well as long as B.O. gets is photos in.

By the way my prayers are going out to the people in NY, they lived the horrible hours of 9/11 again and I am sure horrible memories came up and to the folks infected with swines flue.

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It might be far fetched , but could it be B.O. is campaigning for the position of the world leader? We were discussing this possibility for a while now, was not able to put all pieces together...still not getting the full picture.
I was watching the Obama Deception : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAaQNACwaLw
it sure makes all more and more sense! Please take your time and watch the movie.

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Thanks MR2 for this info. Things like this need to be out there. We need to know what is really going on. I do not trust B.O. To many things are lining up same way as in Germany after Weimarer Republic went down.
He weakens the country in purpose. He will control the general public with financial pressure, remove any self defense and will blanket the rest of the general public with smooth talking : I will be the one who will make it all better for you...and he will remove his opponents, by picture them dangerous. I wish more folks would read up on how Hitler got into power.
Again I thank you for your service to the country!