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We are not at war with Islam? Well that will be encouraging news to the Islamic extremists that are at war with us. While it is true that we are fighting a war against Islamic terrorists, their religion is inconsequential. Our nation was founded on religious tolerance, but by the same token we must and will face any assault on our people, whether it be religious zealotry or extremism of any type. This pretender in the Oval office has shown nothing but ignorance of world politics and prefers to debase himself and America in a pathetic attempt to curry favor abroad.
When our leadership is weak our enemies will grow bold; just ask N. Korea

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Just being in the minority should not cause this knee-jerk reaction to fight instead of maybe put forth some intelligent options from your point of view. If your hypocrisy was not so sad it would be amusing. You are too smart to be a fool; yet act too foolish to be considered smart. Think a moment...we are all sitting here arguing over different sides of the same coin. Instead of seeking to highlight differences; you need to look for common ground, Mr Gleck; instead of playing this game of role reversal

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Well said; maybe instead of a "tea party" we should go with a "tobacco party". I am on board RRD and will let you know how long I can hold out. Sorry to hear about the job thing (I just got laid off myself ); but if you and I; and the bulk of the american people are struggling and need to cut back, it is for us to decide how much and what items. The federal govt is already in my wallet, it needs to stay out of my house

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I was working in the Bronx on that day, less than 5 miles from ground zero I personally know one of the heroes who died aboard flight 93. My company was contracted to help clean up after that tragic day. I am not trying to be rude, but unless you were there you have NO IDEA. They might as well just call it the " Lets Just Pretend This Never Happened Plaza" As far as "one world trade center"..that is a name more appropriate to the UN

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Does Mr Obama truly think using politically correct language will change reality. Bin Laden's terrorist network declared war on the United States; killing over 3000 civilians in 2001. He now hopes to to draw us into a conflict involving the 6th largest nation on earth (predominantly muslim BTW); that already has strong ties to the Taliban. Pakistan was only one of 3 Govt that recognized the Taliban as legitimate, and possesses a nuclear arsenal. Military "trainers" on an "Overseas Contingency" mission sound like sitting ducks to me. The power base at Al-Qaeda wants us dead;period, and they do not care who suffers to achieve that end. Maybe the UN can prove it wants more than just the worlds wealth by sending 25,000 "peacekeepers" into NW Pakistan

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The other alternative is not to sign the treaty. Are we truly going to allow ourselves to become the United Nations of America? The United States was once a place that every nation on earth looked up to. Love us or hate us, we demanded attention for our achievements. There have always been those who lead and those who follow, and I am heartbroken our Govt would choose the latter. At this rate, it wont be the founding fathers wondering what happened to their great vision when America becomes a slave to world policies; it will be us

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What; you mean there aren't any countries left on earth that dont like us; how did the main stream media miss that story, maybe it happened during Leno. Leaders like Kim Jong Il keep their positions of power by war mongering. The only thing they understand is strength. I guess you may not be that intelligent after all comrade

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We would be perfectly in our rights to shoot down ANY missile launched out of N Korea. I know this is ancient history (or worse still, revisionist history) but ask anyone alive during the Korean War and you might be surprised to find out its STILL GOING ON. There was never a peace treaty signed, the two countries exist in a state of mutual ceasefire. Do you think the US has over 35.000 troops stationed on the 38th parallel because they have nothing better to do. Simply tell Kim any launch will be considered a violation of the ceasefire and we shall respond accordingly. For someone who's supposed to be so smart, Mr Obama shows little knowledge and even less spine

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Just another example of the current Administrations contempt for those they serve. Whether you agree or not, the fact remains these men were taken as prisoners of war. Terrorist or not, , I can guarantee their internment in Gitmo did little to make them love America,
They need to be repatrioted into their own country. I have heard the Chimese have stated they acknowledge them as terrorists and will execute them if they are returned...you think they know something about their own people we dont? If our Govt demands they stay on our soil, I say send them to San Francisco, California is already releasing prisoners back into its state, what difference would 5 more make. As an added bonus, they can probably get financial aid at a CA university

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The history of the citizen's of the U.S. all share a common thread....all came from other parts of the "Global community" to escape one form of opression or another I remember a time when the spirit of the American people was to lead the world as a shining example of what a free society could accomplish. Will those who proclaim to lead us now make us subject to the "Global New World Order"; placing the future of America into the hands of those our ancestors escaped those many years ago. If surrendering the soveriegn rule of its own people over to the dictates of foriegn power is not traitorous; please tell me what is