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These are the real heroes, doing what they believe is right and never ask for anything in return..
God bless them..

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Unfortunately he is the PM..

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Hopeless MCA..
Show some spine and apologize..
Your credibility is already down the drain, nobody bothers with your explanation as we all know you are just trying to conveniently pass the blame to another..

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It is NOT our obligation to support you blindly..
It is YOUR job to come up with sound government policies for us to give you our votes!!

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Najib is just too lazy to do all the work that Dr M "advised" him to do..
All Najib is in for as PM is the jet setting lifestyle; and nothing beyond that..

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Obviously, Najib's best is NOT good enough if the MH17 tragedy is the only ONE achievement you can highlight, after him being the PM for a term.. Definitely pale in comparison to his non-achievement & non performance..

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Please do not insult mediocrity..
Mediocrity deserves a better comparison...

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Not only Khalid runs Selangor like his own firm, now he is acting like he owns Selangor..

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Khalid knows very well he is no longer the legitimate MB.
However, he refused to budge from the MB position, and there is not much PR can do about that.. The rules and laws are only as good as the people who abide by them.. If Khalid refused to play by the rules, plus with the backing from UMNO and the Sultan; I guess he could just stay as MB.
So, unless PAS has come to their senses and save the day; the people of Selangor is stuck with an illegitimate MB..

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They deserve each other..
Both are equally racist and unrepentant!!