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225 weeks ago @ Malay Mail - Liow insists did not k... · 0 replies · +1 points

Liow, this is an admission of you and MCA being sidelined in the coalition! You need not have to wait for the hudud to be passed before you resign, this is good and strong reason for you to resign right now!!! You have no standing with UMNO.

312 weeks ago @ The Malaysian Insider - UM and UKM defend snub... · 0 replies · +11 points

What insecure lot! What lame excuses, they want the world to bend the ranking rules to suit their pathetic standards. In Malaysia, UMNO, Perkasa and Isma may come to their rescue. But the worlds is not going to pamper you. Either grow up or lose out!

316 weeks ago @ The Malaysian Insider - McDonald’s boyco... · 0 replies · +36 points

Is Maidin trying to repay his debts to Mahathir, or is he trying to show Najib that he is still has influence, hoping to crawl back to Putrajaya?

Or is Mahathir using him to hit back at Marina, telling her to fall in line?

The UMNO leaders have shown themselves to be insensitive to the poorer Malays.

319 weeks ago @ The Malaysian Insider - I am still MB, says de... · 0 replies · +6 points so unprofessional despite he having been a corporate figure. He ha lost all credibility by his desperate clinging to his post. What would have done if one of his general managers had acted the way he is acting when he wanted the manager to go.

But what can we expect, for he was after all an UMNO-cremated corporate figures. UMNO tainted blood still runs in his system. This again proves PKR should never again any person trust anyone who has the faintest link with UMNO.


324 weeks ago @ Malay Mail - The minister and the p... · 0 replies · +1 points

Is it 'Suoerman'? No! Is it a beggar man ? No! Is it a super spy? No! It is minister in disguise !!!

330 weeks ago @ The Malaysian Insider - Post · 0 replies · +26 points

Mah, you are turning out to be the typical BN PERSON ... USING THE STANDARD REPLY OF 'I don't have the facts, so I won' t comment.' Why don't you just apologize and disassociate with Ahmad Mazlan? Is UMNO So important to your winning that you are willing to forgo your self-respect?

330 weeks ago @ Malay Mail - As BN trumpets DAP def... · 0 replies · +5 points

If Mah has any decency and self-respect he should throw in the towel. This act by BN is beyond respectability!

348 weeks ago @ Malay Mail - ‘Abrupt end&rsqu... · 0 replies · +1 points

We'll, Najib has more to worry than just the ridicule thrown his way. These are serious exertions made, not by the DAP, PAS or Pakatan. They are statements made by an internationally recognized body.

UMNO and Najib, think they can bully Malaysians but the whole world is watching. Not only the whole world, god is also watching!

348 weeks ago @ The Malaysian Insider - I never meant to insul... · 0 replies · +2 points

Lee's action may be silly, but UMNO leaders' statement threatening another May 13 is harmful to the nation's harmony and unity. Lee may be 'disrespectful and insolent' but you are being treacherous to the nation and insolent to the other races.

Don't be arrogant just because you are in power! Be responsible to this nation, don't be over-zealous in your eager attempts to Apple-polish Najib!

348 weeks ago @ The Malaysian Insider - Penang Umno threatens ... · 0 replies · +23 points

Najib's silence in the UMNOputras' and the extreme Malay NGOs' action sand statements have emboldened these groups. Now they are coming out with seditious statements which harm the unity and harmony of the nation. Mana Najib, lagi.