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if you are not an economic expert. why should we trust your 30% - 30% - 30% percentages on what drives our economy? why sound we trust on your conclusion? the sad fact is that access to oil production data and profits from petronas is unavailable to all parliamentarians - so being a Malaysian - I don't even know how much oil my country produces and profits from. Dr M is a more credible adviser because he had access to that data. So listen listen listen.

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Paul Low - I believe you are referring to Perkasa/Isma and some in UMNO, why not just drop them a private message instead of shaming them like this - internal dialogue is the preferred method in BN. Also saves us the time reading your meaningless advise as we are all Malaysians - the ones you label as moderates.

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UMNO is a good party, UMNO baru however, is rotten to the core!

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Although Najib chaired the session, he certainly is "not involved" in the appointment. He has proven to us in the past to be silent and flipping n flopping here n there to fit the occasion. How did I conclude this? In the letter by his lawyers to Tony - it states "our client (Najib) being the chairman of the board of advisors of 1MDB only renders advice to the board which is tasked with the management and operation of 1MDB". He's just an advisor - not a decision maker - powerless chairmen - a joke.

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Source of the problem: UMNO-BN. Trying to solve the problem: UMNO-BN. Do not want any problems: vote out UMNO-BN.

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Being able to think logically is a gift from education and experience. Sadly, not everyone is logical in Malaysia. What is used instead to remain in power is by manipulation of emotions. It's easy to use emotions to sway others (extremism). On the other hand, it is much harder to use logic and facts to convince others but we should not give up. T.K.Chua is an example of one Malaysian who did not.

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On what basis is this UMNO man -Mohd Kamal Saidin using to call opposition politicians a traitor? Opposition politicians are elected representative of their respective constituencies. Are you trying to call a majority of those people traitors? I can't help but question his claims with pure logic - I bet the other delegates were cheering him on when those words were uttered - typical herd mentality.

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If a person is against umno, wanita umno, the youth wing and the puteri wing, it doesn't mean that person cant respect his/her Malay brothers and sister, accept Malay rights (different from UMNO rights), be loyal to king and country, abide by the law and as for Islam, there's nothing to worry. If one do not commit to understand a religion, that person is not qualified to question it.

UMNO is just a political party, free to be scrutinised, questioned and disliked by anyone with voting rights.

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It is up to us to decide from your actions whether those running the government are hooligans or not. Also, stop using the "we need to protect peace n harmony because our society is multicultural, multireligion, unique etc". Just go abroad and see for yourself the changes happening in many nations around the globe. So many is made up of many races, culture, believes and background. They all share similar struggles as Malaysia and yet they don't need no sedition act. In Malaysia, the perception is sedition is used to silence activist and opposition politician. If you want to work hard, you can try changing my perception.

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The perception is that if you are pro establishment, pro government, you have immunity regardless of the crime. If you are pro change, pro opposition, you get charged and arrested for highlighting facts and speaking the truth.