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Yeah, how to contribute to a less than zero party?

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Maybe we have to wait for another LOL Girl incident, then we find an UMNO strongman front for Zakir Naik, then "no further action". Same lah. Malaysia Boleh.

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They forgot to protest Najib's RM2.6 billion donation by Arabs.

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Good lah, all the good people letak jawatan dan diam diam. Now Malaysia in good hands.

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Sure took his time to be misquoted.

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For the avoidance of doubt, MalaysiaKini should publish the audio recording of him saying "our Malays" like he is the Minister of Malay Affairss and not of Home Affairs of Malaysia.

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Do that and the Government will say its racist policies have improved the lot of the Malays. So we need more racist policies.

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Taxi drivers are behaving like that race-based political party that has failed at everything and uses gerrymandering and bribery to keep itself in power.

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Let's see, Muslims cannot ally themselves with non-Muslims even for noble causes... The converse is.... Muslims can ally themselves with Muslims even for ignoble causes!!! Well done Najib, you have just blasphemed.

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SIngapore already had MRT 30 years ago. Takes that long for our country, only 500 larger and with almost every natural resource except integrity, to fund the same.