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This mention of irony is fake! That you have any real interest in anything involving DAP is also fake. The complain about fake news is true. Why should it be ironical at all? It was pointed out that there was no such NASA warning about a storm coming Penang's way that went viral. What so fake about it, and being ironic? You are being ironic. Period.

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Speculations? What speculations? Total nonsense. Looks like you are the only one speculating, and making it as if everyone is speculating! You cannot fool everybody all the time. Dr M is much sharper and smarter than you care to admit.

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Artists are sensitive and sensible people and they are honest about issues that affect society. That they protest against what Donald Trump represents means that something very wrong is happening and about to happen. This movement by the top artists will definitely culminate in more resistance to the Trump administration which is inclined towards extremism on many fronts. It is a grave mistake to give him the keys to the WH.

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Just wait for the next GE, then come back to comment again. Dare him to take on LKS in the election. Don't play race and religion cards by casually mentioning Bangsa Johor and PAS. They are irrelevant. Bangsa Malaysia should be the unifying factor for all Malaysians, regardless of race and religion. Yours is parochial politics fit for the kampung.

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Sometimes you do not know when to support Ku Li or not to. He flips and he flops between being an UMNO loyalist and an oppositionist. Sigh!

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So every time we feel hurt by somebody we can go make a police report and expect the police to jump over the gate of the person's house in the wee hours of the morning and arrest him? Insanity, thy name is power.

Malaysia has never stooped this low. Makes us feel like leaving the land in exodus...

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Nazri the shoeshineboy falls short in saying that his boss has a face with skin thicker than the great wall of China. Cannot believe he still believes in the Arab donor story, or is he trying to cover his boss's behind? MO1 has succeeded in surrounding himself with his own kind who think the people are fools. When the UMNO wall crumbles, those scums would be wiped out once and for all.

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Much ado over nothing indeed. If the so-called religious people truly subscribe to the tenets of their religion and the call for unity among people of all faiths, there should not have been any issue at all. Now, what they have succeeded in doing is widening the schism Muslims and non-Muslims. Congratulations! Malaysia Boleh, again!

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Perpetrators of crimes and those who support them have no right to call themselves followers of a religion. These people who call themselves religionists are a bane to the religion, who tarnish the good name of the religion.

Why must it almost always be Malaysian Muslims who behave and treat Islam as their sole property and right whenever unfortunate incidents like the Orlando shooting happened? They celebrate instead of empathize with the victims and their loved ones. It goes to show their shallow and primitive mentality no sane and sound-minded would at all display.Something must be very wrong with the teaching of Islam in the country and with the teachers. Makes one wonder what brand of Islam is upheld by the Muslims here and those equally troubled souls around the world?

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Blind leading the blind....and trying to advise the sighted. That's hudud for you!