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Not surprising. Earlier PAS said it was perhaps not time yet for Khalid Ibrahim to join the party but was leaving the door open for a future date. That future date is probably closer than one might care to think. Now that door isn't just a little ajar but opening wider by the day. I wonder if this "proposal" has come from a certain place in Shah Alam that is cast in gold. Would you be surprised if it were the case? It'll also explain to an extent why Khalid Ibrahim was being defiant. He had a plan! So did PAS, it would appear.

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You are missing the point, Khor Zi Jian, dude! There is a difference between statistics properly done, or honestly done -- in which case further queries would need to be had of a particular study -- and statistics 'done' to show a pre-determined outcome. Nobody is disputing that statistics are useful. What's being disputed is to what purpose statistics are used by Malaysia's ruling political cretins if not to spin a nice, huggy narrative that is nowhere near half the truth. Kapisch?

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And don't forget Musa Hassan isn't exactly a godsend either. He's no angel!

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Well said, man!

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The "next era of growth"?! Don't get ahead of yourself, dude! Era my shoe! He's up with the fairies, this fellow. One moment he is talking about the drivers of growth for the next era of unending explosive growth and in the same breath asking if enough has been done to avoid another "possible crisis". Either he was half-dreaming when he wrote his speech or his merry band of advisers who wrote this crap were on the funny stuff again. Wild Turkey, perhaps.

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Sabar, LGE. Sabar! Nawab Najib is busy boiling the cauldron wherein he concocts new stew. Once cooked and dished out, better than the last one, the Nawab will repeal the Sedition Act (1948) and all in Malaysia will be hunky-dory again. You will rejoice. You will have full democracy. British-style, Australian-styel, even American-style: take your pick! Oh, and don't forget the GST -- itu extra. Where can free one?! If free-free ah, after broke only what! Haiya. Manyak susah loh!

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I like Izat Bukhary's motto: "A leader must be a man and Muslim, so this is what makes me strong."

I'm trying to interpret this: If you're not a Muslim you're not a man, and so you're almost certainly not strong, and therefore guaranteed that you're no leadership material either.


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I think you're right. I think there is a strong domestic agenda at work here. And I think it could in some way also be linked to current TPPA negotiations. But I think also that Malaysia depends heavily on the US security umbrella, more so now with Beijing pursuing a more aggressive foreign policy in the region, especially over disputed sovereign territories that are littered with key resources plus the potential for military bases. The US has stitched up a large naval base in Vietnam. Subic Bay in the Philippines may re-open. Guam is active but a little too far away from the 'action'. Diego Garcia is a British base shared with US forces. A base on the east cost of Malaysia would suit the US to a tee but it can count on Singapore if it does not happen too soon. Yet any idea that Malaysia pursues an "independent" or "neutral" foreign policy is just one big BS, as it has always been. ASEAN is just that -- a grand lie.

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"... a strong defense barrier" against whom -- China or the Sulus?

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"But upholding the basis of a functioning constitutional democracy – are these not the fundamental principles at stake? -- Gurdial Singh Nijar.

Yes -- if you assume that a functioning constitutional democracy exists in Malaysia. It may be in name, but most definitely not in practice. No decorum is sought nor demanded by a ruling regime that is taking the game to its end-point.