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Oh Rush, Rush, why did you cave? This old lady thinks you called it correctly. That I should live to see a single woman demanding that her fellow tax payers subsidize the products she requires so she can sleep around without getting pregnant, and the President of the United States call her "courageous" for it, beggars belief.

As the old joke goes, I can remember when air was clean and sex was dirty.

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So "Big" comments are now being screened? I submitted something hours ago and it hasn't shown up. A new wrinkle?

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Thanks for saying this. It isn't anyone else's responsibility but Houston's herself. It isn't possible to help a person who doesn't ask for help, no matter what the problem is--addiction, abuse, gambling, etc.

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Margaret Thatcher faced this kind of no-class nastiness and more when she was PM. She famously told President Reagan not to "go wobbly" when they were both facing down the demons of the Left. God bless her. Let's pray for more leaders like them. We need their brand of steely resolve and right-thinking more than ever.

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I was in third grade when I read REBECCA. My mother had sent me to the library with the suggestion that I look for REBECCA OF SUNNYBROOK FARM, but I only remembered the "Rebecca" part.

The 1997 TV version starred Charles Dance, with Diana Rigg as Danvers and Emilia Fox as the second Mrs. DeW.
Quite well done.

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Same here, Patriot.

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I find it very reassuring that she looks so bad lately. If she were contemplating a run for President, she would have been glammed-up by now--face-lift, sexy hair, etc.

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I can attest to that, though I qualify as "the elderly" myself. My 91-year-old mother thinks that ABC/NBC/CBS network news is the sum total of what an intelligent person should know about the goings-on in the world.

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Grandstanding. When push comes to shove, they'll support him. Where else are they going to go?