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Bill Maher Calls Bill O'Reilly "Unpatriotic" for Obama Interview! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=annzo88JC8I

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Separated at birth: Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Barack Obama! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VWAysZMMNk

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I posted this video at Dittos Rush yesterday: "The Japanese have their own take on Gropergate. Take a guess who is singled out as opposed to who is virtually ignored as they pass through the scanner. This parody aired on a Japanese television station but does not require a translation to grasp it's visual comedy." Notice "singled out"? I might be wrong but I think somebody forget to H/T me!

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His use of the word "cooperate" made the biggest impact on me during last night's interview. The President tied the use of the word to Republicans who did not agree with his progressive, liberal agenda and voted against him. He apparently does not understand that they have the RIGHT to vote in an opposing way, just like the Democrats do when the Republicans have the majority....and will!

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...and in two years Obama's White House will also go Republican!

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Hey troll, who's saying we're diasapponted with our "purchase"?

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Ms. Pelosi, WE (conservatives) are the change YOU need!

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The Dems legislative power is now crippled to some degree. This IS good news! If the Repubs don't blow it, we will claim back another brach in 2012!

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"They voted against the party in power."

This is the best reason for us not to get cocky. Let's get to work Republicans, don't blow it and we'll take the WH in 2012!

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Good, Sestak was trouble with a capital "T"!