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It is 4 wives for Islam, with as many concubines at the man wants.
Also some pagan religions/cults, a woman is allowed to marry as many men as she wants.
Hasidic Jewish Men (and Muslims) are required to marry the widow of their brother, whether he is married or not.

None of these rights are honored or observed, and are illegal in every state and terroritory in the union, even though all these examples have historical presidence.

Just another assault on the will of the people and the established republic.

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Ask Iran for our STEALTH DRONE BACK! jerk-off!

Still waiting for those pictures of OBL dead, btw. No BODY, NO CRIME! JERKOFF!

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nope but their buddies, the Chinese, sure can reverse engeneer.

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yep, but how does the operator, self destruct it? Remotely by computer, which was hacked by the Chinese Cyber-warfare department, who promptly shut off the self destruct. I'd bet 50 bucks on it. see my comment above.

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Yea, who wants to bet this is connected to the Chinese Chipset hack.

I read in Jane's that these drones came with a self distruct mechanism, specifically thermite. By the looks of this drone, we can rule out a shoot down or crash. I suspect this drone was a targeted hacked and landed in Iran. And the hackers (Chinese Cyber-warfare department) knew to shut off the self-destruct device.

This and the stealth helo from the OBL raid in the hands of the Chinese, will set them up for all the stealth technology they will ever need, and for pennies on the million dollar.

get it back, Obamao, or were all fukt.

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Just remember to scream - Allah Akbar when you blast it towards the WH. ;)

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damn it I was gonna say that, and you beat me to it! Lol

Yes the BatFagz (fun police) will most likely classify this as a "destructive device" of which a tax stamp will most likely be needed.

BatFagz consider anything over .50 cal to be a destructive device :(

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cont. -
6)"high crimes via willful manipulation of constitutionally mandated reports to congress."
7)"willful disregard of the US Constitution's specific restraints on on the office of the president"
8)"Use of federal property for the purpose of campaign fundraising in violation of federal law via the Hatch Act of 1939." (The violations of the Hatch Act alone are far too numerous to adequately and fully list here)
9)"complicity in the murder of federal law enforcement officers through unlawful orders given to federal agents"
10)"treason by unlawful transfer of arms to known enemies of the United States later known to have been used to kill and injure US citizens and US federal law enforcement officers.
Obamao and his administration are guilty of all ten of these violations.

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cont. -
1)"threatening citizens of the United States with punitive economic action to extract material political support"
2)"bribery of federal officers and law enforcement agents in exchange for testimony before courts of law"
3)"extortion paid to members of congress in exchange for votes in favor of specific legislation"
4)"abuse of power for personal financial and political gain"
5)"willful disregard of constitutionally mandated congressional evidentiary oversight subpoenas"

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Absolutely, this is Obamao's attempt to re-frame history to hide this terrorist act on US soil under his watch.
As for the acts of treason - In legal terms this public statement "by the president" falls under the spirit and the letter of Article 2 Section 4 of the US Constitution.
Article 2 Section 4 reads:
"The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors."
The "president" is suspected of or known to have committed by certain federal officers of the courts, certain members of his cabinet or staff and certain members of congress all of the following high crimes as of today;