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Beautiful! Both your family and the video.

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No family in town, so Thanksgiving was really different this year. I was very fortunate to have great friends from church who invited me over.

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Exciting to hear about the happenings in your life right now. Can't wait to see ABQ desert pictures!

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Great job on the WP theme. It looks great! Have you given away all the free copies? :)

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Thanks for the post! The porn spammers have been insane that past couple of days. I was just trying to figure out what to do when I saw your post. Human3rror to the rescue again! Thanks! :)

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So pumped for you! I'll be praying for wisdom, direction and provision. It's gonna be great!

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Whoa! Josh...this are freakin awesome! Love them!

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Being bound to the past has been a huge struggle for me. We're all in process, aren't we? And sure...I'll let you call me a Christian Cheerleader. Ha!

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I want to help people know that freedom in Christ is possible. They don't have to be bound to their past. Also, help them to discover their God given gifts and calling, then pursue it. (As much as I hate to say's almost like a Christian Cheerleader ;)

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If motivational speaking isn't your thing...motivational blogging sure is.

I needed to read this tonight. Thank you.