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I was on FB and read about the sad loss of Andrew (no last name). I thought, please, oh, please don't let it be Breitbart. I am so shocked & in a state of disbelief. My sincere sympathies to his family.

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Ah, man. :( My brother and I used to watch the Monkees re-runs growing up. I saw him playing at Epcot a few years ago & he showed a genuine love and appreciation for his fans.

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Why did he bother asking? Why didn't he just show up in costume? Seems like he preferred generating this faux controversy. When our soldiers are being killed in the riots in Afghanistan who cares what this dude does?

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My mom took my son to the movies a few years ago. The movie my son wanted to see was sold out, so he talked her into seeing, "Madea Goes to Jail." I haven't seen the movie but my mom was freaking out thinking I wasn't going to let my guy go to the movies with her again b/c of the storyline (I think Tyler Perry was dressed up as a hooker??). I think most of it went over his head but she thought it was funny & she really doesn't fit the demographic. The trailer for Tyler Perry's new movie looks really good. I'm especially hoping that "Act of Valor" puts all the rest to shame. And I could watch Dwayne Johnson on mute and be happy. Actually, I probably prefer the mute.

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Wow, that is very interesting about McGovern. I had never heard about that. That was a completely different generation, wasn't it?

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I will always respect John McCain for his military service & the courage & dignity he showed while a POW. However, as a politician I have absolutely no respect for the man. When I cast my vote it was for Sarah Palin. She could have carried McCain all the way if he had even shown an iota of gumption & desire to win. And the way that McCain staffers threw her under the bus (and the fact that he allowed it) is shameful, probably more shameful than this hit job movie.

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Those water buckets must get really heavy.

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If I didn't have a drug addict in my own family I might think of Bill O'Reilly's comments as particularly harsh. However, they ring true. There are some folks out there who do seem to have a death wish.

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Like you, I grew up in a Pentecostal church. And perhaps I have had one too many digs/insults about how I grew up - I'm thinking that probably led to my comments last evening. I still think the article was a bit short-sighted. It was as if she chose a handful of random people and made blanket statements about their backgrounds & how they are going to turn out. She could just as well chosen some who came from similar backgrounds and turned out well. It seemed very negative, judgmental and dare I say un-Christian. I am glad that you were well-versed in the Word and were able to recognize what was real and what wasn't.

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Well, I guess I need to watch TBN a little more closely since so many of you seem to agree that it isn't what I thought. As I've said originally, I have watched it before but mainly during Easter when they were showing movies. I just assumed that the folks were decent people, albeit a little gawdy in their dress and manner. I still don't like the original article. The writer came of as very smug and random in her choosing of who is a good Christian and who isn't. I grew up in a Pentecostal church and still get little digs from my mother-in-law (a Methodist). Perhaps I was associated the writer with my MIL. LOL! When one type of Christian is seen attacking another it turns a lot of people off of church and Christianity in general.