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We had the War of 1812, so did you guys, not as huge as the American Revolution or Civil War. I think we were involved in World Wars longer than America (we were involved closer to the start of them). But take those histories aside, I still find it barbaric to a point that guns are so worshiped, especially in the States.
Not sure if you meant "sending someone free" or "sending someone to death." I don't think someone should die if all there is is circumstantial evidence, but I do think that if strong enough, it should be up to juries to decide a prison term.

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Wow, talk about cherry picking. You leave out that there was always a Jewish presence in Israel, though Jews were forced to pay higher taxes (how is that for living side by side in peace). You also leave out that Herzl was agnostic, searching for a place where ethnic Jews could be treated as equal. You also leave out that 70% of Palestine was not lived on, not owned, not even viable for farming. Plus the population was very low so there was plenty of room for an ethnic Jewish majority state. Jews did make up the majority in the land Partitioned for it by 1947 without war. But Arabs didn't want a Jewish controlled state even on a small sliver of land. Israel was not sovereign until 1948, so it was basically up for grabs, and demographics change everywhere, but to those idiots who believe Israel has no right to exist, demographics shouldn't change in middle east.
Btw, Pakistan was carved out in 1947 as a Muslim nation. It cause a displacement of 5 million people, but we won't see Alex bitch about that.
Stolen land concept is assmonkey rhetoric. 20% of the land was owned by Arabs, 8% by Jews in 1947. Rest was state land, which doesn't mean Arab land by default.
As for the idiotic assumption that Israel caused radical Islam, that is a joke. It ignores the massive land acquisitions of the Muslims in the past, as well as the fact that Syria, Darfur, Iraq and Pakistan conflicts, etc. have zero to do with Israel. The reason why radical Islam exists so fiercely today is that they discovered 21st Century technology.

Yep, you win big time when it comes to BS.

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Nonsense, as my newest post shows, Israel didn't steal any country. It is hard to talk peace if you are under the false assumption that Israel shouldn't exist in the first place, and you have a genocidal charter.

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If the Arabs dropped their charter to destroy Israel, that would be a start. From 48-67 there were no settlements. Only reason Palestinians are denied rights is because their leadership wants to drive Israel into the sea. Show me where Palestinians want to talk peace and accept Israel collectively?
Also regarding settlements, which I'm no fan of. The West Bank was last occupied by Jordan, they gave it up in 87. Doesn't mean it is Arab land by default. It is up for negotiations as was all of Israel when British Mandate was dropped and partition was refused by Arabs via a war that they lost. Israel like most of the middle east became a sovereign land for the first time in history in 1948.
As for refugees, I think that a persons home is where they live. My grandparents home is not by home. I don't consider Romania, Latvia, the Middle East or Poland (where my great grandparents came from) home either. I don't consider the house I grew up in which my parents sold home either. I have no rights to any of that.

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Daimon, Israel is not an apartheid state. If the West Bank and Gaza were officially within Israel's borders, then it would be a different story.
As for the Palestinians being oppressed, why is that? The idea that it is the oppression that is behind the conflict is nonsense. The Palestinians have been trying to throw the Jews into the sea since 1948. If that was the case with Mexico and the US, the Mexicans would be oppressed by the USA too.

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....the thing is that the Crescent Moon also gives the appearance of a religious symbol. The Star can have many meanings, but it is there on the memorial not as a religious one but to symbolize an ethnicity that was targeted just for being born Jewish.

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I don't think circumcision is a big deal....when it comes to males. I've read positives and a few negatives about it when it comes to medical benefits.
As for the Star of David being religious, I'm sure many people perceive that as well, but it really isn't.
What is next for the FFRF, are they going to sue the Crescent Moon because it is too Muslimy?

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You are a fucking idiot. Void of any logic, seeing what you want to see. A willfully ignorant moron.
What I am pointing out is there was a specific campaign against the Jews shared to all of the German people by the Nazis. It doesn't mean Jews were more important.
What a retard you are. No backpeddling needed. Your ridiculous assertions are here for everyone to see.

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Far Left Whackjobs hate to be called that. I get it Stan. Obviously gays, Gypsies, blacks were all persecuted, but if you want to redefine propaganda, go ahead. Far Left Whackjobs often make up their own definitions to suit their ridiculous view of the world.
You have the credibility of a troll here, Stan.

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I guess you read what you want to read, even things that aren't there. I didn't state that other groups didn't matter as much, I stated they weren't the victim of propaganda. As for the Communists, I think an honest person would view them as outside military and ideology threats more than anything else as they had military powers attached to them. In other words they were part of a war or potential war.
Still, I don't see anything from you on how the Holocaust Museum is something to get uppity about, but then again far Left whackjobs have a huge problem when it comes to identifying things like true victims and such.