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I will pray for him, in light of likely not having other avenues to be of assistance. If he reads this, making the choice for life is the only way to make it better, however difficult it may be currently. As has already been said, the act itself is not without affect, and it reverberates throughout the connections we have made in this life- love can help him realize this, and what it will do. Possibly his feeling is gathered around thoughts that are negative and potentially self-critical- he perhaps needs some way to broaden his perspective and see what is beyond his personal pain, that makes life meaningful and worth living.

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You don't have to apologize to me, Gorem, as we're friends and the love of friendship can understand differences. I do realize that it's difficult for you to not have the full internet access that you're used to, as you know. I also apologize, as I seem to hurt you at times while also not wanting to. If I am moved to reach out to others it reflects that I care, not that I wish to do anyone harm, even if I may do so, it is unintentional; I believe that you understand that, about me.

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Simply, did you ask Olden to do this, then? I'll also add this: Lodestar felt very strongly for the former base, Gorem- this whole thing likely made him have to revisit both his belief in what it was and also its destruction, and the conversation at the inquest itself did have an affect on many, though I do believe that was not Olden's intention, to draw that pain out. As far as my own consideration about what Lodestar said, it is below, with Time's. As far as my commenting elsewhere, I've found that it is still serviceable, at times.

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Can you please do us the favor of relating it, then; it's obvious why I might have missed it, but it seems somewhat strange that Time would have, as well. I would be naturally inclined to believe that he wanted to understand the circumstances for the creation of the Twilight blog and you yourself better as he is your friend, while also being perhaps unaware of what might result.

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There are many that were involved in the circumstances that you visited in your inquest that likely didn't feel that the outcome would be positive and didn't wish to participate in or add to the emotional turmoil that was probable to result. You may have not been aware of how deeply the hurt from this situation goes, nor just how many it affects and the connections that have been harmed and strained, by it. I happen to agree with Time, that his words don't represent an accusation as much as a possible conclusion, depending on how and when you relate your own conclusions on the matter, though I can see how you might find it that way, also.

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(smiles embarrassedly) Sometimes language is difficult for me to navigate- I normally write of things as they come to me, whatever form that may take. Being more open about what troubles you, to someone that is willing to understand it, should help you find what you need and desire, is perhaps a better way to say it.

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You're welcome, Ice- take courage, and help yourself, my friend (returns the embrace tightly)- when you do, and with the right audience, as she no doubt will be, you should find yourself better for it, and more able to feel for and help others, as you'd like, as well.

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Your reluctance is understandable- the process itself is even somewhat unconventional, by most standards: we are taught to be self-sufficient and self-reliant, about such things, and deeper things are difficult to relate, at best, but you can do it (embraces). It may even help you to attempt to write on it a little first, if you can manage it, as you do have that ability- you may find it clarifying, for finding both the words and the perspective, for relating it to another.

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(gently) The only way that I've found, to try to entreat the peace that you desire, is to be open, Ice. I understand that it involves trust that may be not so readily give, reluctance to burden another, and also great vulnerability, on your part, but let the understanding that comes of love support you and encourage you towards it, perhaps- it is something that you can feel and that can motivate and even inspire you, to do so; people can and do help one another, Ice. I do believe, for your case as well as my own, that it can be overcome (embraces).

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I don't wish to interrupt what you are building here, as I find it important for both of you, but it would be good if I could talk with Dizzy for a little bit, in our special place, Spartan, before all of you go to church- I feel strongly that it may be relevant (embraces).