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It really is

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oh look, a holiday for me ! Happy singles appreciation day too, Gorem

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*hugs* I know it may not help, but I hope it did at least a bit. I miss some "one-time" friends too, and I wonder what's even their name anymore or if they'd like to talk to me at all nowadays...

I knew that after highschool I won't see my schoolmates that much anymore and, sometimes I hate to be like this, I was right, I don't see any of them nowadays. I don't know much about friends and so on, so I can't give advice... I don't even know how to be a friend or anything like that

I'm both, and I've not tried my time with anyone. For me it feels like a waste of time, knowing I don't wanna do anything for anyone. I'm not for kissing either, and more, just... nah, I prefer hugs and helping others sometimes.

I feel the same way there, and thinking about it hurts me too, especially remembering about that time I spent with my schoolmates, about the same way as around a table, and knowing it won't happen anymore and/or they won't be the same as before, just... stop this pls. Don't need to worry, I got over it months ago, I know it may not be easy for others, though. And I hope that knowing you're not alone may make you feel better. *hugs again*

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You can do it :3 I mean, you're the one to choose here, I can't force you to decide something, and... I think you got it.

yay Discord, that's alright to me. And, yeah, I agree, Skype suckssss. I still open Skype (web) sometimes, but not much. Only checking what messages I've received (if any).

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Thanks, I remember I did. I also got a cold for the past week, but I have been better since the past days.
I'm kinda late too. Happy New Year too, because I forgot to tell that.

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Hi there people reading this. Judging anyone from their past doesn't make you superior. Instead, digging for information so that you can use it against someone else, is one of the stupid things you can do. That, and judging from someone else's appearance. That's low. Also, judging from spelling. I know, someone might not have learned this language like the professor you seem to be, but you really don't have to tell them they're not knowledgeable of something only because they write badly. Instead of telling them they should go to school (some schools don't even teach english, so, haha) or something, better tell them nicely where they're wrong, or if not, don't, and ignore the mispell. Is it that difficult? No? Thought so. Stop being the bad person, lel. That is, only if you want to be disliked. If that's what you're looking for, you're wasting everyone's time, including yours (yep). Go watch YT, for example, even wasting time like that is better than looking to be disliked for whatever reason you might have.

Do something better.

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I forgot to reply to this... I'm really sorry

I think I'd need to put effort into drawing in the first weeks to it, then it'll become something usual for me, and do it without looking too much into it. But I don't know exactly, I've not really tried following guides (I checked out some, years ago, but not recently), and I draw from my knowledge.

And, no, I don't find that annoying. I say that too about myself. I know I'm able to draw, at least eyes (sometimes I'd fail at drawing them), well, but I still wanna be better at it. I think you'll be able to draw more things soon, but start with the basics first, then go advanced. For example, you have to first start sketching the landscape, using simple lines, then draw it in. That's how I'd like to do it, but I always hurry ^^

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ops, I forgot replying to a comment brings it up if you sort comments in some way. Also, it's very rainy outside. Still no chance for snow... I didn't get snow at all this year (and the last part of the previous one)

Anyway, hi there !

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It seems improved, from what I can see. You're doing well at it. That shading you used makes things look in depth, and it's no problem, I think it looks good.

teach me Also, what drawing software are you using, if you don't mind me asking? I use the good ol' Paint, but would like to try something else, and I don't know what.

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Me too. Bandy boi, where are you