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This was written when it was 46%.....seems even more relevant now

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More people saw this on BB than will ever see it in any other forum. The 6 people who actually watched him think Stalin is a character from the Star Wars movies.....

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While you my friend are none of the aforementioned and we are proud to have such an articulate blogger on the side of the right!! Well done!

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Man, if you hate stupid, your therapy bills must be off the hook! Are you a cutter? Hmmmm? Sad little troll...

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There are two professions in which you can be a completely corrupt moron, accomplish nothing and keep your job ; 1. Tenured teacher/professor and 2. Congress

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Mr. Trump: What you don't understand is a lot.....just sayin

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Can anyone tell me exactly where all these "Breast Cancer Screening Planned Parenthoods" are???? I have called 5 different ones here in a major city and NONE of them offer mammograms, breast exams or STD screening. One even referred me to the public health department or the university hospital. .....ANYONE? ANYONE? Can you say 'elephant in the room or abortion clinic?' Yeesh

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Will the real racist get your stupid, ignorant ass up and OFF THE AIR!!! If this was reversed, he would be fired TODAY!!

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Notice how none of the other mainstream media outlets do their due diligence on this kind of outrageous short term memory loss...??? They just turn their heads and play ignorant!

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Still wondering how Obama earned his income as a 'community organizer' / university professor and yet was a millionaire....hmmmm...