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APRIL 12TH!!! One of my favourite days.

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I dunno. You think she's in pain from carrying that thing? I can't help but notice the size of her...muscles...

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Ha ha ha. "somehow". Wait - you do know, right?

I always seem to have trouble wrapping my head around it all. Like a catch-22. You can't get a do-over, and I don't want one. But at the same time, if we had chosen not to have kids wouldn't I be just as happy because I wouldn't know what I was missing?

I also like to look at it this way: it's one of the few legitimate ways that you can mold someone in your own image like a god.

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Warmest congrats to you and Mrs. Engineerd. And don't worry, you can look forward to a full nights sleep again in 18 years or so.

I originally thought I didn't want them, but it's the best thing in the world.

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The problem there is the tuner, not the antenna. Most recent TVs have digital tuners and pretty much any old antenna will bring in a digital signal. You don't really need a so-called HD antenna, especially if you live where the signals are strong. We have a home built contraption on a pole in the backyard that works a treat. It's the same contraption I had when the signal was analog. In fact I find in a way it's even better with the digital signal because it doesn't get fuzzy. The digital signal seems to be either on or off with no in between. As long as the antenna is pointing in the right direction, the signal is strong and clear. Haven't had cable for over 10 years.

Mrs_Biggles didn't believe me when I told her our old tube TV would stop getting a signal once they finally made the switch. Then we got nothing but snow. Now we have a nice big LED TV. Wish they'd switched to digital sooner.

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Temba, his arms wide.

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Well, and if you go with the "ONE" designation, how do you top it? Using ONE sort of says to me this is IT, culmination of all efforts, not getting any better. Like when BMW used M1. That car was the right place for it. Not sure about X-box.

But then, not a console guy.

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Wow. Nursing a semi here!

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It's a little OT I know, but earlier today I got this for an ad. Now, I'm usually pretty careful with my browsing, and my moobs are big enough as it is, so I'm wondering how this results from my own browsing habits or if there is something that Mrs_Biggles isn't telling me.

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Not that economy is special on any airplane, but I found the MD-80 particularly hateful the half dozen times I have been on it. The seats are specially designed so that they actually feel a bit cushy at first, but your ass goes completely numb in about 20 minutes. Some very talented design work there. Also, I found that small electrical things like the appliances in the galley always seemed to be on the fritz. It tended to make me wonder about about other electronic things, like say avionics.