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Still better than the infuriating clusterf*ck known as Kinja that contaminates [REDACTED] & the rest of the Gawker properties.

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Plagiarism at its finest!

Spambot surrealism can be wildly entertaining.

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Nah, Jeff's going to go through & actually RECREATE all the comments!

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Aw crap, I just lost 80-something points! I hope they were donated to a good cause.

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At least in the US, first the the Trooper II, then the Trooper. Can't wait for Trooper 0!

Some of my first licensed driving was in a fairly new 86 II. It was gutless, but to this day one of the lightest greenhouses of any car I've been in.

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Schroedinger's comment?

Lately I haven't been around here much, especially not while logged into Intense Debate since my primary computer suddenly decided that nope, not gonna cooperate with ID any longer, but apparently this is my first Hooniverse comment EVAR. (I'm sure it's a browser issue, but even after de-widgetifying & reinstalling both FF & Chrome, still no go)

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Is this really not supposed to have any salt?!

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Wasn't the VT500 Ascot a V-twin, same as used in the '83-84 500cc Shadow? Entirely different animal from the FT500 Ascot motor.

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The newer Guzzis aren't really too mechanically quirky. I'm not sure if the motor in the Griso is the same as what's used in the Breva 1200 Sport, but that machine is ALL midrange (and with a little tweaking via Power Commander & a nice pipe, highly responsive throughout the rpms & dead smooth). I'm still a little ambivalent on the styling of the Griso (& the Brevas in all displacements), but a Norge or Stelvio are Guzzis that I could see having a meaningful, long-term relationship with.

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I think there are annual mileage limitations on vehicles registered that way. You may be able to get around it by lying about how much the car is driven - and I'm not aware of any odometer inspections in Washington - but I'd bet that he wouldn't take that route.