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Back in April 2012 when the Maloof Arena deal collapsed would have been the time to save the franchise instead of waiting until now. If Sacramento really wanted to keep their team, they would have worked on a plan months ago. The owners want Seattle back - Great Fans - New Building - Rich Owners.

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What did Andrew say about Ted Kennedy after he died?

"Liberal Parrot Hate Line" my foot. It must be pathetic to view the world through a Conservative Filter. (All righties good, all lefties bad, 100% of the time.)

I don't approve of the tastless remarks from some about Mr. Breitbart's passing, but it is totally inappropriate to consider it a character flaw exclusive to all, or most liberals.

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I'm a liberal and I am sorry that he died. 43 is too young for anyone to die. I am still in shock.

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Of course, Conservative pundits are very unhappy that gas prices are high. It is the one real issue that can hurt the President in November. Conservatives don't want Obama to lose the election. Conservatives would never get joy from something like hight gas prices. That's why people like Rush Limbaugh come out and say things like "I hope Obama fails." As usual, them poor Righties are being set up again with unfair accusations. Ain't that right Mr. Warner Todd?

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> > >"...he’s been able to singlehandedly destroy the American healthcare system, drive a recession into a prolonged and deeper recession, and turn allies into enemies all over the world...." < < <

What else you got Ben?

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The reason they have this sort of atrocity in places like Kenya is because America is too busy worrying about birth control and contraception being provided through health insurance.

Another Home Run by the great Ben Shapiro! Who can argue with logic like that. The Breitbart Big sites offer insights you just can't find anywhere else.

Go find a real job, Ben.

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great pic of John Brown

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prove it

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Right. Cain is a victim. Because he's Conservative. The MSM is behind a big conspiracy to victimize Conservatives. It just ain't fair. Maybe all the millions of people who avoid all Conservative claptrap do so because Conservatives are dangerous, and they justify doing what ever they please and never admit when they are wrong.

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But Herman Cain's mistress came forward and it was all just a big smear but when it's JFK then it's a revelation. Conservatives are all 99.9% hot air.