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Yeah!!!! Imagine that! The police assuming innocence before guilt....The nerve of those racists!!!!

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I suppose the "presence" of women breeds rapists.....

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I'm outraged that you're still breathing. Didn't your mother believe in abortion?

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Well, idiot, up to the point of your post not a single person has said he didn't have the right to refuse the Governor.

I smell a troll.

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And you're still crying about Israel. Shut up already.

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Nice try moron. You're deflecting because you can't argue on principle.

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They aren't. You're just either a smug condescending moron with the intellectual capacity of soap scum, or you actually confused viceral hatred of a man who advocated violence against conservatives with that of idol worship.

I doubt you followed that or at the very least, you had to read it 3 or 4 times.

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Way to carry vomit another ridiculous liberal meme. I see you get all the marching orders quickly. It wasn't even two days ago I was reading about some idiots on the left accusing the right of secretly being in love with Alinksky's instruction manual and you are. You're so transparent...

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God, please give Indiepalin HIV.


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As opposed to protraying it as the ludicrous conspiracy theories do? Like how the King David Hotel scenario is intentionally misrepresented? The USS Liberty? Yes please tell us how Israel should be portrayed. Not as the tiny country surrounded by nations who want to slit the throat of every citizen - doing what it must to survive - but as the rogue nation that flaunts all logic by attacking it's alleged "meal ticket." Several times even, according to the last Alex Jones sponsored tally.

The problem isn't that these sites won't protray Israel negatively. The problem is that your perceptions are molded by conspiracy theorists overactive imaginations.