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rightists: 44%
leftists: 21%
clueless: 35%
Not that such numbers matter.
A rightist is right not because of a poll. He is simply right.
Entire world can be leftist, and still, i, the rightist, am right.
A leftist, on the other hand, is plain simple wrong.
Any questions?

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Yes, sir! We will take your words to heart immediately, sir!

This dummy thinks that all nonmuslims are stupid. To correct this misconception:

Taqqiyah is a mani-headed beast. Prima fascie evidence of 'shirk' is superseded by taqqiyah. The hadees says it is okay to even eat pork to survive or to gain an advantage for spread of Islam. In islam, every bum on a street corner considers himself `an authority' when it comes to 'defending islam'. You don't need an authority for a murderous mob, or a single muslim, to kill an 'apostate'. Happens all the time. Despite that, all muslim countries are ruled by some kind of formal, authoritative and authoritarian, state-sponsered implementation of some variety of Sharia' law. As opposed to that no 'christian majority' country in the world has a 'christian authority' law---except the Vatican. US is a secular country. That is precisely why everybody and their cousin should stay up nights worrying about Obama's faith. Personally, i think Obama is loony leftist, and *hence* has natural soft-corner for loony muslims. His promotion of Islamist-Jihadist regimes in middle-east is not an accident. And that should worry even more people into loosing sleep.

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why is an English professor even allowed to teach anything other than English?

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Obama won't go after Syria because it is already in loony jihadist camp (via Iran). The same reason he didn't even support the Iranian popular uprising a couple of years ago. His and the world left's strategy is to uproot only *secular* dictators who can be fruitfully replaced by Muslim Brotherhood type of loonies. Here assad is already in that camp, although not quite a muslim brotherhood dude.

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this leftist demon can't be exorcised by talk (see some loony left comments above). They will have to be exterminated.

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"The United States Constitution is one of the greatest documents for freedom and liberty that has ever been written and is still the premier model for other nations truly interested in building a durable democratic republic. Justice Ginsburg should unequivocally reaffirm her oath to “to support this Constitution” or resign."

(1) it is precisely *because* the constitution is greatest document protecting individual liberties and rights that ginsburg hates it.
(2) ginsburg is not going to apologize, nor reaffirm anything, and resigning is out of question. What are you going to DO about it?
(3) There *is* a problem with our constitution---it defends individual rights, but it has no mechanism which allows it to defend itself against attacks by the left. For Obama and ruth bader, and all leftists, it is just a paper which has something scribbled on it, and the left has been using it for an asswipe for two centuries ever since Marshall took the bench as the chief justice of the supreme court. None of the procedural and other such popular and populist mechanisms have worked against this steady erosion of the Constitution (and the individual rights). You folks elected 44 presidents and god knows how many legislations to office---has any of those things stopped or even slowed down the bulldozer the left has been rolling on your constitution? The real question is: How are you planning to change that circumstance?

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"The left opposed SOPA because it gave the government the power to shut down websites without any hard evidence.
The left opposes any internet censorship or control. Thats why the left was PRO net Neutrality."

The left also reads Playboy for the articles.

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Dr. Dasmbeb is being SARCASTIC you infernal fool.
Read it again. He is decrying the same nonsense that you are.
There should be a minimum IQ requirement for reading, and specially commenting on, articles such as the present one.

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Dude, obama understands precisely where wealth, and value, come from. He is systematically destroying both. With malice aforethought. The lack of understanding is on your part --- the president is not stupid, or ignorant. He is evil. Like all Leftist/Fascist megalomaniacs. Until you, and the rest of the Right, understands this fundamental truth, you can NOT fight him/Left. It is not understanding that the Left lacks---it is conscience that is missing from the sociopaths who march under the marxist/leninist/maoist banners.

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"The Occupiers Are Part of Obama’s Plan"

Gee, who'd've thunk.