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I think we should officially change Obama's title from Commander in Chief to Sleeper in Chief...

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Change Obama's title from Commander in Chief to Sleeper in Chief..

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Christine thanks for your comment,

We offered amnesty in the 80's... The end result was seven times the number of illegals here waiting for another round of amnesty... If we were to offer amnesty now is there anything that would point to a different result in the future?

We already have guest worker programs in which many of those "jobs Americans wont do" are filled. Maybe we need to expand and increase the efficiency of those programs.

The bottom line is that America must get a grip on securing our borders, offering amnesty only undermines our efforts in doing that.

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MFWIC: I agree with what you are saying in principle but in reality do you honestly think that President Bush has the political capital to be able to throw many punches at Iran? Personaly I don't think he does, and perhaps more importantly it doesn't look like Iran thinks he does either.

Thanks for commenting

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I agree Daweb something must be done to stop Iran from further destabalizing Iraq. Question is not only who but how.

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I agree completely. It has little if anything to do with the environment and a whole lot to do with the global redistribution of wealth.

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Actually I posted about a a very similar scenerio just a few days ago... Think ti was "Don't count out Al". Essentially since neither Obama nor Hillary is likely to come away with enough delegates to win the nomination outright, it does open the door for someone else to step in to unite the party. Of everyone in the Dem Party only Gore has the name recognition and national profile to be able to step in this late in the game. I honestly don't see him teaming up with Hillary but Obama is a possability that is certainly plausable.

Thanks for stopping by.

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For a body that writes law for the greatest, and most litigious nation on the planet, The US Congress seems to know very little about the law of supply and demand. Great post Duane

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Well Susanin, No one is offering NATO Membership to the Ukraine yet. Your elected government however has asked for a Membership Action Plan. This is little more than a list of things that the Ukraine would need to do to become a member of NATO. Part of that Action Plan is political and in a democracy that means gaining public support. If the elected government can not get the public support for NATO membership then the Ukraine will not become a member.

The comment about NATO being organized to kill slavic people is just too stupid to reply to.

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On Issues Clinton & Obama are not that far apart, where they differ though is that Clinton has demonstrated over the years that she is Ruthless and willing to stop at nothing to gain and maintain her grip on power. The power of the President has increased greatly the last 7 years, The thought of her being able to wield that power is frightening. The only world leader that she is comparable to is Putin... and for that remark I probably owe Vlad an apology.