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I think that Iraq poses a real dilemma. On one hand staying there for fear of Iran or Al Qaeda occupying the vacuum created by our departure seem like an engagement without end and limits our ability to act elsewhere in the world (i.e. Iran), and on the other hand leaving prematurely as some Democrat suggests is risking putting more of the world oil in the hand of our enemies with all the strategic and economic impacts consequences. Pun elaborated a bit on this in "The Iraq Dilemma" on my blog (polikicks.blogpot.com).

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The errors in intelligence and the political influencing of intelligence just before the Iraq war caused an atmosphere that would make it very hard for the USA to attack Iran. McCain who hopes to be the next President made that point, and unfortunately he is right.

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McCain suggestion is a small remedy, just like the suggestion to use the strategic reserves. He would do much better for the country and his electability among independents if he were to make a major policy speech about energy. Something innovative (just for example, see "Energy Crisis-We Need Government Regulation" in polikicks.blogspot.com) that would bring more jobs, reduce dependency on foreign oil, would generate a long term hope for the country - something to look for.

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All these polls that show how close the three candidates are, are invalid. Voters can choose now with little regard to negatives. Someone who dislike Hillary can Pick Obama rather than McCain. Someone who dislike Obama can pick Hillary over McCain. Someone who dislike McCain can pick a Democrat. But once the field narrows down to two, the negatives would play a larger role, especially among independents (who really determine the results). There will be many independents who dislike Hillary and will go McCain. Many who will never vote Obama will pick McCain. Thus, I think, McCain has an advantage invisible to polls at this time.

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The cartoon is great. Carter is an uncontrollable misguided well-wishing failed ex-President. I appreciate how deeply religious he is but no matter how many times Carter will go to Damascus he does not have good news to deliver and only bad news to bring back.

I really wish ex-Presidents would fade into history and let others run politics. Just imagine Bill Clinton and G.W. Bush going around the globe each pulling into their different directions without authorization.

Besides, if I went to Damascus and met with the head of a terrorist group, won't I be arrested upon return?