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Gollum? Looking for 'The Precious'?

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Sorry about that. I have been thinking about adding Disqus. IntenseDebate doesn\'t seem to be working as designed.

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Wow. That is one gay looking dude on that bike.

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What makes me really sad is that the worthless people who were spitting on soldiers coming home from Vietnam are running this country right now. I'm really glad GWB and all those veterans took the time to go do this for these folks who have served our country. They deserve a better commander than Barack Obama.

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I think he's a traditional d-bag. Not exactly sure who, as a traditional d-bag, he would pray to. Lars Ulrich? Mel Gibson? Judas?

Duane's probably right though. I don't think this guy has enough backbone to believe in anything.

Also, he's a d-bag.

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Somehow I think the need for the Tea Party will only continue to grow in the coming years. Obama/Pelosi/Reid are certainly giving them plenty to be upset about. When things continue to go from bad to worse, I think more and more people are going to get their fat lazy butts off the couch and decide that they're tired of big government screwing things up.

I don't agree with you, Mark. I think the Tea Party is going to continue to expand with or without the approval of the people who are counting on the inattentiveness of the American public.

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Well f*ck this guy. Is he saying that older white people don't count? Only people in KC and St. Louis have votes that mean anything? F*CK this racist prick.

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57 states... great reference.

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I hope Keith Halloran gets hit by a friggin' bus.

Hmmm. Doesn't feel very good to say things like that. Maybe that's because I'm not a hate-filled person like Keith Halloran is.

I hope Keith Halloran lives a long life and someday understands what an evil thing he said.

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Well Duane, all of this is okay. You see, Mrs. Obama paid for her own hotel room during her trip to Europe to hang out with her friend who's father recently died. So that makes it all right.

The other 59 rooms at the luxury hotel? Well yeah, our tax money paid for that. But Shelly paid for her own room so that like, you know, totally makes it all right.

By the way, since you're my best friend, I'll need you to spend some time with me in Spain if my father dies. Because that's what common folks like you and me and the Obama family would do.