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Obama has forgotten the basic premises:

You cannot spend your way out of debt, and
You cannot tax your constituents into prosperity.

One needs not be an economist to see this bill has nothing to do with stimulating the economy and has all to do with pork barrell spending for the cronies who got him in office in the first place.

Two and a half weeks....LOL

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I read your post. I was hoping you weren't stupid enough to be inferring that the consumer should just be taxed more.

Anyone who has gone to Eco101 knows that you cannot tax your constituents into prosperity, jackass.

Tell me there Jack, since China is surpassing the US in oil consumption, and doesn't give a shit about 'changing habits', you think your little plan will hurt the US economy?

There are ways to get more oil, (ANWR) but assholes like yourself want to spare the spotted owl and tax the consumers.

Get your head out of your ass and breathe some fresh air, that last remaining brain cell is dying.

Try an Eco101 class and get back to me.

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Jack, are you kidding me? And if there are additional taxes placed on the oil companies, WHO DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO PAY FOR IT?

Why, the American Consumer of course.

Jack, your proctologist called, he found your head.