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I do enjoy this interview. You can also find the Donahue interview (her first after the death of her husband) on youtube. She is an amazing woman. I am reading Atlas Shrugged at the moment and find it to be amazing in how closely it demonstrates the direction the left want to take us!

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Pay no mind to what everyone turning their lights back on at once would do to our power grid...

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Happy Birthday to you Duane! I trust that you are having a great day!!

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Very well put!!! I agree that the schools today are NOT doing their job. They are spending WAY too much time trying to teach children to be politically correct and not enough on actually teaching them the academics!

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I was a huge fan of Deadwood! and I agree with your thought here.

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Dude, welcome to Apple World!!! Let me know of any questions or if you are looking for recommendations for programs.

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Yes I did! I sent an email via the website, myself. Here is what I wrote.

I am writing to you today for the first time. I am writing to you to express my concern over the bill that the House will be debating and potentially voting on today. You are being asked to cast a vote on a bill that has gone from @10 pages to over 400 pages! This is a bill to bail out businesses on Wall Street in an effort to deflect the current credit and financial crisis.

I have severe concerns over this legislation and would have to admit to having reservations about continuing to vote for anyone that would vote for this legislation. I am concerned about the bail out itself as it is only one plan to address the current situation. I believe we should take the time to look more carefully at the issue and the correct solutions. I also think we need to be vocal in making the American people understand that this was brought on in large part as a result of the policies that started in the Carter administration and were modified in the Clinton administration. To allow the rhetoric that is currently being blasted out that this is the result of the past 8 years of Bush policies is not only wrong, it fails to focus efforts to correct the problems in the right areas. This was NOT a problem brought on or caused by free market economics, it was the result of poorly crafted legislation and incorrectly run regulation.

In addition to the bail out itself, I am concerned over the sheer quantity of pork/excess/etc. that is being added to the bill. I question the ability of any Senator or Congressman to have actually read and understood the bill in its current form and I encourage you to stand up and say that you will not support legislation that is being rammed down your throat. This is a fundamental problem in Congress right now and in my opinion the American people are growing more and more frustrated by the way things are happening in Washington and we are very much looking forward to the change that John McCain and Sarah Palin promise to bring.

I hope that I will be voting for you again in November and that you will be a strong ally for McCain and Palin in the House.

Doug Weber

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Love that video!!!

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Bawest, perhaps he does not agree with your interpretation of the issues involved. Apparently he is not the only one either.

Oh, and it might also be due to the fact that he does not report to you and therefore has no requirement to follow your suggestions or instructions. My guess is that he does not agree with your judgement on his article being wrong.

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Yup, the list of Anti-American's that support Obama is rather long isn't it. Just remember, we the people by being fans of this man (well, maybe not me...) are the ones that are allowing him to make millions each year...