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Good to see comments back working again.
If the vote has already gone the way of providing permission three times with unanimous cross-party support every time, surely granting it again would be a foregone conclusion? I would certainly hope so.
You could also add a national security aspect to your argument in that retaining and developing this capability is an essential part to retaining national capability, that of steelmaking. It links into so many other projects, the national Ship building strategy, increasing the rail network, HS2, improving our industry and on. Why am I not surprised at the ability of the Lib Dem councillor to hold two completely opposing ideals at the same time?

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Add to that the line "Hostility? This from the Met: ‘evidence of the hate element is not a requirement.’". How disturbing is that? Not only does the incident be deemed to occur if anyone believes it has, they do not need to produce evidence of such! What has happened to Habeas Corpus?

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Since the universities and the students attending them do not appear to know what Free Speech is, then I would suggest that they do need someone to remind them about it.

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I doubt you could call Amber Rudd a member of a rabid wing of a party.

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Israel have already proven that the vaccines are more effective than initially thought, https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-health/science... Why presume that they aren't effective when every piece of research suggests otherwise?

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I don't think anybody expects someone to get their choices right all the time, my point was that he has made a lot of wrong choices, very, very few right ones which leads me to question his thought processes and methodology.

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Whilst I am unconvinced that we should have an all-encompassing industrial strategy I do believe that it is the governments job to create the right environment under which industry can flourish. By this I mean sensible and competitive tax and employment legislation. This should in turn be linked to a national industrial security plan whereby s=certain parts of industry are labeled as of importance to our national security such as power and energy generation and distribution, communications, high skilled manufacturing, steel manufacture, the recent plan to reopen a coal mine in Cumbria is an example of this, the coal is required for steel manufacture otherwise we will have to import it. Ship manufacture retains many vital skills and, as a maritime nation, it should be a vital industry.
The basis for much of this is a sensible tax regime, sensible employment legislation, forward thinking education policies and so on.
I also believe that the government should be looking at rules to prevent the sale of vital industries abroad, ARM is one that others have already mentioned.

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An interesting profile that for me, raises a few questions. Does he have questionable judgement after backing the wrong horse a few times namely Archer and Raab? Why, after reading chemical engineering at UCL, quite a prestigious establishment, did he go into selling t-shirts and the teletubbies? Another questionable choice? I can see the parallels with Arthur Daley and also with a description of a typical under achiever. Being made Minister for vaccine's could be of benefit but I'm unsure of how much of the success of this should be given to Kate Bingham, is he riding on her coat tails? Am I being too cynical? I guess I am just not convinced by him yet but I imagine that part of that is due to his being rolled out to, as it is put, defend the indefensible.

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In order to achieve a simpler, fairer tax system, we need to completely reform our tax system. It's too big, too cumbersome, too complex and not really fit for purpose. It's currently over 21000 pages long and getting bigger. Aim for a tax code similar to the one Hong Kong is famous for. It's 276 pages and said by many to be the most efficient and effective tax code in the world.
If it's easier to manage, to administer and implement than the saving there would be enormous. Firms of any size would find it easier to use, saving them a massive amount of money. Tax avoidance and tax evasion would virtually vanish. If only it was spent as effectively then we might be getting somewhere. Tax isn't just about how it's raised but also how it's spent. Do we have the government who could do that?

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Did you think up that all by yourself or get someone else to write it for you?