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"In my own time as Justice Secretary, "

He sucks you in and 2/3 from the end we get the big reveal, above. Self justification and glorification.

Deterrence is quite important at the moment. Too many people calling for normality to return and go hang the consequences of just making this situation go on, and on, and on. Self discipline could see normality resume quicker, Endless flouting and suggestions to do so mean normality will return later.

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I rather like Nadim - he has a warmth about him.

Wisdom says if you win a contest, then if you bring your opponent into your cabinet, you have a better chance of uniting the Party. However, that doesn't always work out and sometimes you include those whose resentment festers and I think Mrs May saw a fair amount of that. So the PM has tended to go the other way, eschewing those who didn't support him, but gambled on others. In doing that, I think he is missing a trick by having the best Cabinet. There are undoubtedly some duffers in his Cabinet and better people in the wings. I hope Nadim is recognised soon .

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How could you even want to go to another country where you have no idea with whom you could be coming into contact or where they have been previously?

This bloody thing mutates - why would you want to increase the risk of bringing back an as yet unknown mutation of the bloody thing?

None of us likes lockdown, especially in the weather we are having at the moment, this year rethink your holiday plans and have it in the UK.

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How about reading it differently? Some of us want to wipe this thing out, not prolong it, as you seem to want to do.

This isn't a war with a final end, like dropping the bomb at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, this is like a war against terrorism and we need all of the pockets of resistance to be wiped out because they can flare up again anywhere.

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Be careful what you wish for. The Met Office moving to Exeter had two effects - a rise in property prices which wasn't beneficial to those living here before hand who wanted to get onto the property ladder and turning Exeter Red electorally, as the Lefty Liberals tend to work in the Govt offices.

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Some of the big online businesses have their European HQs in Ireland because of the incentives they have to be there and the lower levels of tax... so the "would enrage one of our major trading partners" wouldn't necessarily hold true, as they are the ones aiding and abetting the big IT companies.

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"I'm sure Amazon pay the taxes that HMRC say are due."

For turnover it is minimal, they are HQ'd in Ireland anyway, so maybe look at different ways to tax their profits in this country?

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Quite so. Too many Lefty Londoners having too much of an impact on the 'must cut down on traffic' bandwagon.

In rural areas, it is a big effort to take the time and fuel to travel to the towns, the least they could do is to have the good manners not to make it more expensive and unwelcoming.

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This is a thorny issue, but those cities that make it difficult for cars to get in and who make parking prohibitively expensive are not helping their businesses.

Shopping... as a leisure activity... why do the big sheds - and by that I mean the out of town retail outlets such as Blue Water attract those who enjoy it by making it easy to get there, easy to stay, easy to spend money in shops, eateries and who knows maybe even with cinemas etc. do so well?

Councillors the country over are penalising those who would go to their cities and support the self same shops they claim to be supporting.

I have some sympathy in wishing to deny Geoff Bezos his easy money but couldn't we turn this on its head and look at better ways to support retail?

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I am not sure how you can compare a choice on a Covid jab with removing your freedom. We need to ensure the population as a whole doesn't leave communities festering with Covid. We need to do our utmost to protect everyone for the good of the whole.

Holidays are going to be a nightmare. We talk of the UK, South African and Brazilian strains. I bet even as I type there are several different strains bursting into life around the world. I think holidays this year are not sensible until we know everyone in the world is regarded as relatively safe. Once you go abroad, you don't know who you will be mixing with or what you will bring back with you.

This isn't about ID cards (which I am not in favour of) or other personal choices. Your freedom might be my death.