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Is there a copy of the proposed budget online anywhere yet for Fort Wayne?

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All very funny! I would add that 2010 will be the year that every unemployed person with a computer to re-name themselves "social media consultant or coach"

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I like some of the other commenters above, have thoroughly enjoyed finding some new great blogs to add to my daily RSS consumption. I'm sure the vote fraud was frustrating for your team, but as you mentioned the voting was really created as an incentive to get more blogs nominated so we could all check them out.

In my mind a huge success.

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if this is a good idea for cars, then it's a good idea of homes. So if i sell my 1970 tri-level ... will the government give my buyer $20-40,000 in cash to tear it down so we can reduce supply of homes in the market? See how goofy that sounds when it's applied to another market?

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Heading to my site to link to this page now, man do you have a lot going on here!
I write local Northwest Indiana site Porter County Politics http://reasonbellpundit.blogspot.com

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Great interview. I have maintained for months now, in numerous posts as a real estate consultant, that regulators caused this recession. They pushed CRA, they threatened banks who didn't toe that line and others, and now they sit in every bank in America threatening them against using the TARP funds. Send bank regulators on vacation for a year, and we'll be in a much better position. (http://synergyhomes.blogspot.com) - Editor Red County Porter Indiana

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Ok, I'll say it, it's a who's who I agree, but mainly "old school" Christian Conservatives and Moral Majority types. Not the new GOP that we'll need to win elections going forward. Perhaps this is a good first step for Blackwell, I'll allow, since it shows he can bring the old guard to the table to do business with the leadership going forward?

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Marty, next time you stop in leave your blog link so we can check it out. Thanks to all of you commenting

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I only wish I had kept up, still working on day two. My book project on housing took most of yesterday and this morning. Hoping to get day two posted yet this afternoon

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I will be checking back in a couple hours for more updates, thanks for the terrific timeline