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The other 3 come from looking up the hostnames:, &

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sure, but it's super hard to get participation above 5% with that approach

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For what it's worth, I agree with him about de-criminalizing prostitution and heroine. I wish we had more intellectual consistency in our laws. If tobacco and alcohol are legal, why isn't marijuana? Is the role of the government to stop us from doing stupid things to ourselves? It's one thing when our actions affect other people (driving high for example) but I'm not sure it's the government's job to stop me from risking my own life base-jumping if I want to.

I'd like for us to be able to do more protecting of innocent people abroad, but most of our aid currently goes to propping up dictators and when we're trillions in debt, I think we need to fix our issues here first.

You're totally right about the meetup data not being representative of course. I just found it interesting. :)

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You can either strip out the if-statement and control the timing yourself, or change the timestamps according to the timezone you want to use. Here's a handy tool for calculating them: You'll need to add 3 zeros to the end of a standard Unix timestamp since JavaScript counts milliseconds instead of seconds.

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you're welcome

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I agree that would be a good feature to add.  Glad you got it working.

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Sure, an easy way to do this is to add a GET variable to the end of the URL you are fetching (ie. ?mysql_id=42) and then parse out that ID when the request completes from the CURL info array.

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I've had multiple reports of issues w/ those 2 browsers (see the comments above). Hopefully I'll find the time to dig into this more soon.

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Great point. I've written and talked about that issue as well:

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Things that worked well -- attendees loved our product. We did a good job at keeping the product simple and we used lots of tricks to auto-import their picture and bio from facebook, twitter, linkedin, gravitar, etc. That part worked well. Including faces in emails worked well for driving engagement. We tracked who got clicked on the most frequently and used their faces (ie. hot girls & VCs') in our emails. Every event organizer has an ongoing nightmare that no one will show up their event. If you promise them a way to sell more tickets (especially early) you'll grab their attention.

The domains are for sale -- we have & Contact me offline if you're interested.