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‘she is the most articulate’

Most articulate… what are you smoking? She’s a stiff who’s been labeled the first presidential robot. She is excessively mono tone when she speaks, her marketing team has to rig all her questions and she triangulates virtually every major issue that exists in the political discourse. Hillary is allot of things, but articulate is not one of them.

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So is this censure so serious that we are now talking about Diane Feinstein becoming a 3rd party ticket member? Well, as long as we get another less Democrat in the Senate… I’ll take it anyway it may comes.

You go Move on! Take Feinstein to the dirt… make her pay the price for your betrayal!

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Welcome to all the new members!

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Tell you what? When you guys get a presidential candidate that actually gets 50% of the vote... then your allowed to brag about winning elections! Say it with me... 1976!

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C'mon Guys!!!

How is it that a big blog community such as this one has only produced 51 votes in the first 36 hours? Let's move some ass... get those votes in!. Lets get PG to the top.

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Yes, government will try and implement restrictions and regulations, but schools should have the choice whether or not they want to accept government funds. For example, if a Catholic school refuses to teach their students about strapping condemns on to cucumbers, then that Catholic school should have a right to opt out. Yes this will test the value of private school administrators, as the allure of public funds will become attractive. But, what is more important is that we begin to invite the free market into failing school systems. Indeed it’s a risk, but I believe a risk that we must take… for the sake of our children.

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Hey guys,

Just saw the list of finalist for the new PG members. Wake Up America blog by Steve Dennis would be a great addition. A great writer and a prolific commenter. Also has a good grasp of the political culture of the NorthEast part of the country. He would make a fine addition to our group.

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Thanks for the kind words... Josh was indeed an amazing guest.

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The archive of that show can be heard right here on Political Vindication or visit our Political Vindication Radio home page,...


Would also love to see those photos that your son took!

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Al Gore = Fraud!