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11 years ago @ Frontpage Magazine - Jane Fonda Finally Apo... · 0 replies · +2 points

She didn't get 'to f**k Che Guevara" because she's been f&&king America ever since.... freaking t*amp..

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This government is beyond 'out of control' and has long been in the 'too big to not fail' category for some time now...

11 years ago @ KOMO - Seattle, WA - Bus driver says caffei... · 0 replies · +2 points

SO the cafe latte makes him grab ''bootay a latte'' eh.? ;) Take him out back and shoot him.

11 years ago @ Frontpage Magazine - Inconvenient Truths Ab... · 0 replies · +10 points

Oh we already knew Obama hated whitey, he said it himself when he 'disowned his mothers' race" and then went on to call his granny "a typical white person' because she was smart enough [like whitey used to be] to cross the street when "Mouliman" is coming your way day or night. In his own voice and words...

Only nowadays, if and when he follows you you lead him in back of the nearest store or alley and teach him a lesson when he turns the corner he'll never forget. One and done, dirt nap time. See ya bruh..... sweet dreams "Trayvon".

11 years ago @ Frontpage Magazine - Inconvenient Truths Ab... · 2 replies · +15 points

This guy better be cut loose and if he isn't then I expect the white population to be up in arms and it'll be time for us to go burn some things down and put out some 'wanted posters' and what not..... because if that me that little groid jumped, that kid would have had 10 bullets in his head, not one in his chest.

Zimmerman sadly made the one mistake you never make in this life in today's upside down America and that is never turn your back on a "Trayvon" as if YOUR LIFE depends on it. BECAUSE IT DOES.

Any man who's been in a fight in his lifetime knows exactly what happened here without reading the evidence and JUST examining the injuries. Period. This is such a race case that if white and Latino America leaves him out there hanging alone which the Latino's have already done, it'll be one of us next they're trying to railroad to keep whining Mouliman happy.

Not on OUR watch they've already been handed over the farm at our expense, enough is enough and this summer and fall will be when it ends. 48 years I've been here and I'm sick of this racial crud. So much effort and money and resources dedicated to the 20% of the population who create 80% of the violent crimes and 90% of the total mayhem and misery. Enough PC

11 years ago @ KATU - Portland, OR - 7 California boys arre... · 0 replies · +7 points

Obama's having a news conference to abandon Trayvon like his momma and daddy did to him so he can adopt these 7 hoods who more represent his way of thinking and style of Dem Chicago Machine 'ghetto governance'

A term which means take from the 'haves' to give to the 'do nothing so have nothings' tribe that Oblamo's grown exponentially during his Banana Republic Regime not fit for the freaking Congo.

11 years ago @ Big Hollywood - In Memoriam: Andrew Br... · 1 reply · +6 points

Stunning, absolutely saddening to say the least. I've been coming here off and on since the day he opened this portal and it's sisters and brothers along the way. God rest his soul and lets carry on the fight for him. R I P Andrew.

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It is a perfect one for the story. It was a photoshop favorite of the last campaign mostly with words, but this is it's real state.......he has a serious with that finger and if he knew me and stuck it in MY face it would be broken off.

Here's a mountain of pics of him shoving that finger every which way

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If they sent that thing to me I'd send it back with an admonition to never send me another email or I'll report them for violation of SPAMCAN...Typical dem leftist arm twisting with fear and intimidation.

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The end is near.