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You're very welcome, Cindy. It's an audio all should hear if they believe all she did was commit a little mistake letting the photos be taken. Her very words are aid and comfort to our then enemy an a direct contradiction of her claim in 2011 that she never did anything to hurt this country or the men and women who serve it.

Like you, I will not see any of her movies or read her books or buy any of her videos.

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Awww, did your poor widdle feewings get hurt? Double standard? Look in the mirror.

It was one of your recommending. I only said what she recommends needs to be on her and other loud mouthed America hating Democrats.

Boo hoo, boo hoo, go ask mommie for a little more ninnie.

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After Viet Nam, the Military downsized considerably. Shortly after that, Jimmy Carter was elected and we soon saw he was no friend to the Military. Many of us on career status decided it just wasn't worth it and instead of reenlisting again, just got out. Don't be surprised to see well qualified, experienced career soldiers just chuck it all and end their enlistments, which will once again create an inferior military with inexperienced personnel. Someday, maybe the left will learn that the Military isn't a social club for them perform social experiments with.

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If Jaime had entered earlier, before Baird announced not running, it would look better for her. Now, it looks like she held off to wait for an easy run.

David Castillo is the current front-runner, having been in from day one and building his support and endorsement list.

Hedrick is undoubtedly a good guy with guts, but he needs more than his confrontation with Baird on video.

Russell is an opportunist that wasted little time in throwing the Washougal mayor under the bus for what, as city councilman and financial oversight committee member he should have caught and stopped. He was derelict in his duties and now blames everyboy else, including current members of the council that have been there for years.

Craig Pridemore and Deb Wallace both are tainted by their desire to force light rail from Portland upon us, even though we voted it down last time. Cheryl Crist couldn't even get as many votes as did both Delevar and Webb is 2008.

Who else will jump in remains to be seen. I continue to support David Castillo for the GOP and imagine Deb Wallace will end up with the nod from the Dems.

But yes, it is gearing up to be a very interesting campaign season.

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Didn't these nincompoops get the memo that they have had control of the spending in both houses for nearly 3 years now?

Politicans always get the best for themselves.

Our Troops get from the lowest bidder congress can find.

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I'd say he's being considerably and overly generous with himself.

Is this how he made it through Harvard Law School too?

He'd be lucky to receive a low D - by much of the country. A F would be more like it.

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What a shame that abortion doctors are more important to Obama than our Troops in Afghanistan.


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She should not have apologized. She had it right the first time, just look at the reaction from those who don't like her being the Homecoming Queen. Does it escape them she was selected by fellow students?

Just like in society, whether it be 100 students upset or 10, this is racism, straight up!

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NOW would not support Sarah Palin or condemn the outrageous attacks and slurs on her either. They are not a pro-women group as much as liberal front group. If I recall, they even defended B.J. Clinton.

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To the rabid left, if you really wish to find revealing photos of Hannah to spread around, circulate the videos she and James made in the ACORN offices. They are more than revealing.