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Political Correctness run amok.

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What is frightening to me is the vehemence of their hatred. I have to trust my instincts with this and say that anyone that demonstrates such an absolute and infinite vengeance cannot be completely sane. Saying that about 1/2 of the people in our country is terrifying. Have they all lost their collective minds?

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Hello Darlin!

I have always turned a bland eye to politics, but I can assure you those days are behind me. You are aware of how I feel regarding the apathy of the American people. I find it disturbing. If I were to believe in conspiracy theories, my favorite would be that the liberal run school system has systematically made our children dumber, which created dumber adults and that is how they are controlling us now (whew, do I need a tin foil hat.....perchance a decoder ring?).

But, I am not a conspiracy freak, I just think we have all gotten way too lazy. The 20 minutes of news the average American catches while channel surfing any given week, just isn't enough and no matter what happens, we can't seem to wake those people the hell up.

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You? Pompus Snoop??????? Spree would never say you are so neither would I. You're just a good guy is all.

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"A reason for this lack in new material can be attributed to the opposition%u2019s repetition of the past four years; the president is still speaking to the same arguments."When you are speaking and expect liberals to comprehend what you are saying, you HAVE to repeat and repeat and repeat, otherwise they just don't get it. I say DECODER RINGS FOR ALL!!!!!!

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Gee, the spelling fairy cast his spell on me today.

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There are many families who lost loved ones in Iraq qhose familes are outspoken FOR the war.

Take the case of Sgt Eddie Jeffers that dies in Ramadi last week. He and four others were in a humvee that while avoiding a pothole (known hiding places for IED's) flipped their vehicle five times. Sgt Jeffers dies in the accident. His father is a true patriot. You can read about them both here: http://davidjeffers.thevanguard.org/

Eddie wrote extensively about what he thought while being in Iraq and what he thought of the people here who so vainly will not tell the whole story because of their anti war views.

His father supports him wholeheartedly.

I agree with you Blandy, I am sick and tired of Hollywood dictating politics. In the immortal words of Laura Ingraham, why don't they just shut up and sing (act). When they go back to doing what they do best, and stay the hell out of what they really have no clue about, MAYBE I'll go back to the movies. That is if they ever put out something worth watching.

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Damnit Roger, you made me cry!

I just KNEW you really had that decoder ring, I just knew it!

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Well Hi there Roger.

So this is where you hang out huh?

I am not some deranged stalker, just following the links. I just read some of the other stuff you wrote, pretty good!