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All she and they are doing is trying to convince the masses of their view of "reality,"

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I read about the "Italian Job," yesterday; they all might want to consider holding their comments to a minimum, as much as so many love busting on the U.S. the world would be a poorer place without it.

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I found an extremely fishy site that I believe we should all report to the WH.... lots of misinformation on healthcare deformity there. Seems to me that a lot of citizen reporting on citizen happened during the Wilson years here in the U.S....oh yeah, Nazi Germany as well.

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ID test....

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Shook your boots a bit? Where have you been that you didn't recognize some of what you don't like on the Right being on the Left?

Hillary Clinton is not extreme enough, nor is she really a moderate...

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How often do we get guys like this? We're going to need a few of him for a little while.

Happy Birthday Winnie!

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The beneficiaries of the "drive" lost out, not the Scouts. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Interesting. But the cities/states are practicing discrimination, no with their non-discrimination policies?

EV: "...a private organization being bullied by the government to succumb to its politically correct dogma..."

TONY: "The scouts are a PRIVATE organization that in many cases, recieve public subsidies in the form of reduced rents for use of public property for their meetings and use of public land for their camping trips."

THE SCOUTS: in reality no skin off their teeth

THE BENEFICIARIES: nada, zip, pooh pooh, squat, ziltch, dookie burgers and worse yet no condiments!

Perhaps the "point" should be that an organization was prevented from conducting a community service that appears somewhat fishy, leading to something based upon a policy of non-discrimination that has been PC'ed into something no one understand the meaning of any more.

"It'll be interesting what happens" when the $200K subsidy is no longer, then there may be missing a group dedicated enough to do a "drive" for the troops or some other such beneficiary.

Drive? Rent subsidies? Drive? Rent subsidies? Ones a fruit, the other a vegetable.

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Certainly not everything about Bush, but you are correct we have a number of interesting options; no one perfect (never is), yet but lightyears ahead of the options on the other side of the aisle.

I took all I could to watch the first 45 minutes of the Dem YouTube debate and then it was only to check out the YouTube angle so as not to come off like too much of an idiot if they were actually worth a damn. I also had been invited to call into PVR for a Gard what a silly little farce.

We can pass on the discussion of the CNN oopses...not sure that I would recognize them described by any unhinged ones.

Overall, at this moment I am pretty much stepping back from the media force feeding, dog and pony shows and the celebrity crap involved in the circus regardless of party.

Not a huge fan of Paul although I did like some of his answers; he absolutely is persona non grata in my book with his stance of international relations and Iraq. What exactly is "non-intervention" anyway? I'll be looking into that.

I will not count the Dems out for 2008 but the interest in them is misled and likely magnified by the glowing green air around these days. Kerry wouldn't have done nearly as well as he did last time around if there were not so many unhinged among us.

Interesting stuff as long as you can see past the kliegs.

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Let's hope the prediction of the encirclement of the "republic" is the least that comes out of this.

Your question: "what the heck is so magical about the HAMAS or Lions of Syria that they cannot?"

You know the influence in this upside down region of hate is these cretins and extricating them in their various civilian populated areas is a nice camouflage. Peace only quickens the pace of the little people seeing what their governments do and have done to them and theirs.

That said? Remove the trouble makers in the process. I don't mean the leadership of the nations involved, but the turd-pockets first. So often it is in retaliation or defensive in nature. Take the fight to the pathetic losers in the various terrorist groups; make them sweat and I don't mean Palestinian authorities, they will accomplish nothing....International covert ops, just keep them looking over their shoulders more than normal...make them keep their heads down.

Regional leaderships will need to address some of their own issues with their people and the region without their self-manufactured terror groups; less distraction so people really begin to look at what they have, but mostly what they have not.

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Hey, one day the poles will that somehow the fault of man as well?