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Nope sorry, that couldn't be me. I'm not that thin, Nice try though eBay.

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That might explain why I feel like a trip there would be quite nice.

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Jesus, looking at those pics gave me nearly as much brain damage as he has.

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I love the old thriftpower straight six almost as much as I love the 300 straight six. I'd kill for one of these and something I've always wanted to do was get an 05-08 with a blown engine and import a turbo Barra I6 from Australia and merge an old idea with new flair.

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Easy, it sounds like thunder and baby does she fly!

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It really is a shame that in the movie it's just a random car and not related which completely kills that ha ha.

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Almost all modern vehicles have that same style of vent like the above Volvo except it's cleverly hidden beneath the rear bumper cover. Here's an Audi that demonstrates that.

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On his coffee mug where it belongs.

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Is anybody else mildly bothered that they decided to use the word TO and not the number 2? It effectively breaks the sequence by having two letters and then a single marker for the other three digits of the coded statement.

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This was incredibly detailed and as such I (like most others here I'm sure) didn't read the whole thing. However I can't seem to get this quote out of my head

"One muscle car is a high speed glacier. One supercar has the same lack of initial response followed by high grip that it has in every game I’ve played. It’s so consistent, I’m at the point of wondering if that’s how it really drives, or if the developers just all played the same games."

In fact I'm certain that these cars are modeled so accurately that if you have experience with them in real life you'll have a legitimate advantage in the game. I recall an interview with the developers for the Forza series and the guy was talking about testing the Ferrari Enzo in game. He was shocked at the completely impossible handling at low speed and didn't believe that the car could be that bad. Of course it was proven that it was lousy at low speed by Eddy Griffin when he crashed an Enzo at a press event for the god awful movie Redline.