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Although I live where I don't think there will be a problem with the likes of the racist Black Panthers. My mom lives in the city (St. Louis) and if necessary, I'll escort her to the polls this November while exercising my right of concealed carry. Hey, if they can be armed, so can I.

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Looks like the Gordon Fisherman will have to trade in his raincoat for a hazmat suit!

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What gets me is he was always sold as Mr. Family Man. Doing commercials for investment companies who say they are as honest as Tiger. Actually, with the housing scam, I guess they were.

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Mexican drug cartels made a lot of money smuggling drugs and people into the United States.

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You mean my job as a Critical Care Registered Nurse? Yes I'm quite good at my job, although I can see how you would think that being able to hit a ball in a hole is more important to society. You know what I'm also good at? Being a loyal husband to my wife and kids. Unlike your idol Tiger, I'm no hypocrite who sells himself as Mr. Virtue.

But you know, you are better than me at one thing. I don't worship celebrities to the point of being offended when one gets insulted. Maybe you also can defend Brittany, Paris, and Lindsay.

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Glenn Beck said on the episode about the Gaza blockade that Israel was similar to Europe as a welfare state. He then said that, if I remember right (and I do) that 60% of the orthodox don't work. He said it had to do with how they think their religious studies are more important than working. Unless Glenn is lying, they should work if they are going to crank out a bunch of kids.

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I am a supporter of Israel and all that, but Israel has become a European welfare state. I understand that most of these orthodox people are on welfare and refuse to work, and the Israeli government is cool with that. Maybe if these "men" would get jobs and work to support their families, they wouldn't have so much time to protest. Also, what woman would want to marry a welfare bum, religious or not.

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I always thought this guy was over-rated.

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Where is a taser when you need one.....You have to admit, she has a lot of spunk in that she got worse after getting popped upside the face (which she deserved, by the way).

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I'm not a geologist. I'm just repeating what I read, the point being that the oil flow isn't going to be stopped any time soon, and that there is more to this than what the media is reporting.