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Is anybody else as sick of seeing those Alfred E. Newman ears as I am? Just as sick as I am of always having to listen to him and see his face on my tv. For heaven's sake, just put out a news release.

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Sarah has a lot of work to do and 2012 is too soon in my opinion. I never did see Condi as a viable option. She doesn't have the "fire in her belly" and is considered to be too much of an intellectual.

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My suspicion is that this is just the beginning. Men and children and especially special needs children will be the next targets. I have a horror of what they will do to children born prematurely and, no doubt, allowed to die. We have a few short years to get this reversed. If they arn't lying to us (fat chance), we will begin to be taxed to death for four years and then the destruction of our medical system begins.

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Is it really that bad do you think? I have some supplies ahead but that's because I HATE to grocery shop. Do I really need to shop as if my life depended on it? I don't want to stick my head in the sand but I don't want to panic either.

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What is Wolverines.? I've been out of touch for a while.

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It's a bribe to get the seniors to change their minds about the health care proposal that would strip alomost half a trillion dollars from Medicare to pay for the health care of illegals and so forth. I'm a senior and I don't want his bribe. Same old Chicago-style politics, if you can't convince them, buy them.

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Just another example of the corruption in DC. The Pig On the Hill wouldn't let anything bad happen to her good buddy, Charlie. There is no such thing as an ethics committee anymore because there arn't enough ethical people in Congress or the Senate to form a committee.

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I think I heard that there will be another name for it yesterday but I can't remember for sure what it is. Just like the VAT is not a tax accortdng to the Pig On the Hill. However, the 'T' in VAT, is tax. So much for no increase in taxes, blah,blah,blah. Even poor people will be hit with this one. If Charlie payed his taxes, we might be able to do 'something for the unemployed, politically and economically'. Of course, the political part is to get himself re-elected.

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Whoopee do. Everybody comes from somewhere. She's not a slave now so who cares what her ancestry is? Slave or free, I can't see that it makes any difference today. Whoever did the research and wrote the book, just wants to make a living and it's the 'in thing' to do as it is with every president/first lady, etc. If she didn't know there was slavery in her background, it sure didn't shape her into what she is today.

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Stupid people. They arn't leftwing bloggers, or trolls, they are troglodytes. They need to go back into their basements and clean out each other's belly buttons. At least they would be doing something constructive. They are a group of paranoid idiots. I know it's not nice to laugh at fools but I can't help it. Maybe one of them will read this and take a hint. GET A REAL JOB AND A REAL LIFE YOU FOOLS.