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I can say that in all honesty, I did stand up and get really mad. I was lied to by my son's 2nd grade teacher, the Asst. Principal, Principal and finally got the truth out of the Superintendant. My question was "Are you going to participate in Obama's return to school speech? Three said they weren't sure. When I finally found out the truth, I withdrew him from school and he's getting homeschool. He's doing Math, Language, French, Science, Government (yes in second grade), Geography, and CHRISTIAN Studies. I figure since Obama was to indoctrinate our kids, I will too. I think an Indoctrination to Christ and fair government is a good way to go. I think that might go against what he planned.

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Let me get this straight. So, we're not "angry" about a school teaching Jesus Loves the Little Children (A song that has been banned from public schools along with prayer since the 1950s). We're not "angry" about the fact that an African American teacher (yes, I went there! It's a crucial point) had young children chanting "Yes we can!" We're not "angry" because our Clown-In-Chief thinks that even though he can't practive law and his wife was disbarred- thinks he can TEACH. We're angry because someone videotaped it without permission! Yes! THAT's the crime. So, here's a question. If I am present during the fliming of a SNUFF film and I tape it with my cell phone and post it to YouTube..... does that mean the people involved are NOT guilty of murder? What a crock! It's astounding to me how this Admin. AND Obama supporters can change the rules as they gp. Do you really think Pelosi would have allowed this type of thing for Bush?

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OK, so I am an "independent" with Republican leanings. And yes, I ahve found myself RUNNING from Obama. I've been booed in my house many times for saying that Jimmy Carter wasn't neccessarily a bad President so much as lax. However, since I am also considered a racist on top of the many titles I have been granted by the Administration. Since Jimmy Carter said that teh TAXPAYER'S MARCH ON DC was racist I would like to know what his opinion on the March on Washington or the Million Man March of the late 90's. Those were actually about race. This was about taxes. Is anyone else scratching their heads on that one? And Mr. Carter, I take it back. You were a bad President and a horrible representative of the country that my husband, father and many others have fought to defend. And you're white so it has nothing to do with race.

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I was there too. I look at it the Glenn presented an idea. We took it and ran with it. And what a result! Did anyone see the clown sppf on CNN? Someone was dressed as a clown with a funnel to the ear saying "Can you hear me now?" Seriously, we merited a spoof! On CNN! They didn't want to have to report it so they made fun of it. It still gave us more recognition. I agree that the crowd was peaceful. I was in complete awe at the number of people in attendence. It was amazing.

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That's fine. I didn't encourage anything. I simply stated a possibility. ANd seriously, I considered the issue of a "Bloody Sunday" today. I agree that we need to find the right people. And I have no issues with people exercising their religious rights peacefully. But I also agree that we are a Christian Nation. That being said, I alos do not condone violence of any sort. But it was a bit ironic with timing, location and who it was. If I hadn;t pointed it out- someone else would have. I am the voice of truth. I was marching with the rest. And I wish no ill will on anyone. As I said- it was an obvious comment!

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I took almost 200 pictures. I have a Facebook account. Email is bonaventurelily@hotmail.com Go look! I'll show ya!

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Ya know... if there are 50,000 Arabs there..... maybe we'll have a 9/24! I mean, they're all together. I was joking with a fellow patriot today as we marched to the Capital. I told him they were making us all march in the streets so they could have their own "Bloody Sunday." He looked at me funny. I said, "Sorry but I am a pessimist." He just shook his head and said "I thought I was bad! But I've thought it too!" How sad is that?

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Heh... ACORN is pretty much done I think. We only saw one group in DC. ANd we were looking for them. And I am so glad the Census fired them! Now I don;t have to throw Tropical Punch KoolAid on them to make them leave!

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See Mom? I TOLD you it was like cramming NYC down Pennsylvania Avenue!!!!!! And we were there! Hurrah! And yes, for those of you that can;t read it- My shirt says "Marine Corps Wife." I talked to a few of you!

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My guess is that the CNN people ran out of fingers and toes to count on!