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She can have my soul no problem at all.

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She is hot and the Editor,etc are just frigid.

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I do think that one way of getting around the rivalry factor would be for Google to simply download the entire google account userbase into its Orkut social networking service that could use its Communities(Groups in other social networking service terms)especially those in the computers and internet classification as a directory for joining other social networking services.In the case of the Facebook community on Orkut I would expect it to have the links to Facebook plus the Orkut Group and Page in that community so that there would be a better level of unity on both platforms.The Facebook Orkut group and page should likewise have Orkut and the Orkut Facebook community on its profile links as well.Hopefully all social networking services could stop being antagonistic to each other.Mind you if Facebook has an Orkut import service should not Orkut also have a Facebook import service on a reciprocal basis.