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Sorry and a bit shocked to hear the news. Where ever you decide to go, they'll be lucky to have you.

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@Bill - thanks for the comment. The problem of trying to figure out which signals you need to pay attention to has been around since people starting speculating on shares of companies under the Buttonwood Tree on Wall Street. When it comes to applying technology to the problem, financial forms have an endless pool of resources so they are a good place to look for innovation.

David Leinweber, currently a professor at UC Berkeley's Hass School of Business gave an interesting talk in February 2008 which gave a great survey of the state of the how technology is being used in the financial industry:

Slides: http://assets.en.oreilly.com/1/event/5/If%20You%2...
Audio: http://blip.tv/file/947216

So this is coming from financial professionals using the web to get a jump on news in order to profit. For how this all applies to our everyday life think about the flipping the problem on it's head. Here's a post I did a while back on the topic.

It's not information overload, it's filter failture: http://everwas.com/2008/09/information-overload-f...

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Hi Chiva,

You're right, I just got wrapped up in the excitement of everything last night. In terms of sheer numbers there are many more people following the World Cup!

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Nice! I like how they have the big, red [x] next to the dude in sunglasses or the woman in the Burhka. Stating the obvious, it's important to see your face.

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ooh, that's so meta dude!

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Nope, no lost chickens reported.

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Thanks Todd, your post kicked it off. Always look on the bright side - there's more opportunity there!

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It was great last weekend, nice brisk wind off the bay. The kids had a blast.

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Ha Ha - yes, I had to look again and see if it just wasn't a weird shadow. Makes me look several inches taller. Powder that thing white and I would have fit right into 18th century France.

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I had the same type of hybrid typewriter - it had a five line LCD display and a little diskette that could store about 25 pages of text. The thesis was stored across four diskettes and because I had to feed each page into the typewriter for the final printout (and each page took over 2 minutes to type) I had to babysit the final printout with a bottle of Jim Beam at my side.

Thanks for the pointer to Dark-Room. I use Notepad and turn off email, IM, twitter, and all the other random social bubbles that fight for my attention when I need to get down to writing. Ironically, it also helps to get out of the office and go to a noisy cafe as well.