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Leonardo Garcia, sorry for the late reply. It is not a requirement but it might help up the process. You have first to file the annulment to your respective diocese and discuss it with the priest that will be assigned to you.

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Please use this link edna:

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January 10, 2012 11:10PM Noemi Lagman UPDATE: Noemi Lagman has been found and she is now safe. Our deepest gratitude to all of you who helped us. For the final time regarding this issue, I hope you can click once more your likes, comments, and share buttons. Everyone deserves to know. It was through social media where we got the first lead and it has played a vital role in connecting all of us. We were advised by the authorities that information on how and where she was found be kept confidential for her and her family's security and privacy. We ask for your understanding on this matter. As of this writing, there are 213 likes, 111 comments, 96 tags, and a staggering 8,114 shares on my facebook wall on posts regarding Noemi. A total of 8,534 online activity. We ask the Lord to bless 8,534 times all of you who helped us during this time. This does not include online and offline activities that I could not quantify anymore. It has been an exhausting and emotionally draining 100 hours of non-stop search, the longest 100 hours of our lives, something we will never forget. Finally I want to share with all of you the lesson we learned from this experience: love your family, love them tirelessly, love them unconditionally, because at the end of the day, it's what matters. Marami pong salamat at pagpalain po kayong lahat. Allan Lagman Capulong (Noemi's Kuya Pinsan) Noel Lagman (Noemi's Father)

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The rest of the videos concerning Pondo ng pinoy can be seen on this site :

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So far, I do not have any more problem especially when I follow the instruction on putting host's DNS

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congratulation and keep up the good work! More power! I hope that many will use this community based site, it is very helpful.

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This is one of the hardest part, serving all members of the society.

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