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I have not had any hands-on with the prototype. But I will likely chip in a few bucks to help them get the final version shipped. Gotta love Kickstarter!

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I hadn't seen the video -- really cool. Thanks!

Seems like augmented reality really is coming into its own. So much potential to do interesting things. I stumbled across a new augmented reality iPhone editor project called MixAR tonight on Kickstarter:

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I got to play with the 3-D consoles at a store near San Francisco -- really cool stuff. Very much agreed on the signage.

It seems to work very much like the at-home "augmented reality" 3-D controllers that came with Avatar toys starting late last year. If you haven't seen the video, it is worth checking out:

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Sorry to hear you are closing shop guys. You'll get 'em next time!

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Hey Josh... Thanks for the MyBlogLog mention! We still give you a lot of love whenever the MyBlogLog story is told -- even if you didn't put in money.

As for the name, I'll +1 "Bootstrapped."

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Man you are two for two tonight. I can't believe you could pull all those pieces together so cleanly. Thanks for including the shout out to my post.

I'm glad to see you already heard the news that Phish was back on tour. I read that offline a few days ago and had been meaning to ping you about it. Very cool.

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Awesome (semi-related) movie suggestion Nivi.

I was actually lucky enough to be at the Primer premier -- say that three times fast -- at the Lake Placid Film Festival in upstate New York before they won at Sundance. The whole Cloudspace crew used to head to Lake Placid for the event each year while we were working on the event's website. We even lost an amazing graphic designer there one year who started dating a semi-pro snow boarder he met at Lake Placid. Anyway...

Good times. Great movie.

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Congrats Tyler! That is just too cool.

However, I did buy a DVD a few weeks ago to learn Contact Juggling. (Which is awesome!) Much better than just seeing the people do their thing on YouTube -- at least for a beginner.

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Couldn't agree more Brad. I picked up the original release (listing Leinad Zeraus as the author) last year. One of my favorite books EVER!

I learned about the book from a talk the author gave at The Long Now Foundation. I highly recommend taking a look at his talk as well:

I liked it so much that I wish a publisher hadn't purchased the rights to Damon and its sequel; since the second book in the series is already written and should be out now. As far as I know, there is no word on a new release date yet.

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Great post Ian. (I know, I say that a lot.) The MyBlogLog guys really did hit Topics out of the park. While I may be a bit biased, I am completely addicted to the new feature.

To be honest, reading this post made me a little sad. This was your baby. I wish you could have announced the launch of a project you worked so hard on via the official MyBlogLog blog. Maybe we will get you in as a guest blogger sometime soon. I am sure that the MyBlogLog audience would love to hear how Nokia and your new immersion in the social-mobile space are impacting your view of the world.