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Agreed, kehua - couldn't have said it better.

The "black dog" has got me as well, and yeah it can be a bastard to deal with.

Anyway, you know the saying that "there's always someone worse off than you"? That'd be me. I also have Asperger's as well as depression, so that means that there are no friends. Aspies just can't do the "friend" thing - we aren't wired for it. No good learning the skills either. I've tried, and when you apply them it just comes across as stilted or weird. Waste of time, so you do other stuff that you *are* good at, and that you enjoy.

Anyway, I have an online outlet like you, WO. I'm online almost every day doing my bit against a certain religion (you can probably guess which one...) and believe me, although Asperger's does bugger your social skills, it turbo-charges your intelligence. The people in said religion don't know what's hit them. Aspies tend to think purely in logic (surprise, surprise, I'm a computer geek), and so debating and logical reasoning come pretty easily. Having said that, there's a caveat - the debating has to be online. I've done "real" debating (in a club at school) and I was crap.... ;) The A.S., no doubt.

Keep up the great work...

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Oh wow.... nice try, michael, but FAIL.
You can go on about DNA, this that and the other until the cows come home. Oh, you may want to learn grammar as well - "more clearer"?

The fact is - there is NO COUNTRY called "Palestine" whose people had "their" land stolen by Israel.

To have been "invaded" and had land "stolen", there has to have been a country there in the first place. There wasn't. End of story.

The people in the West Bank and Gaza strip - whatever anyone may choose to call them - could **easily** make something of their lives. There are very many people in the world far worse off than they are.

Instead, they choose to fire rockets into Israel, and send suicide-bombers into shopping-malls, and then moan when Israel retaliates.
Boo hoo. Cry me a river.

All of my sympathy lies with Israel, and none with those ATTACKING it. Just because Israel is big militarily does not mean that it is "wrong". Only lefties equate "big" with "wrong".

I also notice that you have no concern whatever with the land that **Muslims** DID STEAL in all places that **they** went to when they spread outside Arabia. Care to comment on that, or is that too "sensitive" for you?

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Oh dear.... the "poor Palestinians" thing.
Well, dear michael - since the Palestinians are Muslims, it looks like the continued existence of Israel is "the will of Allah". So, if they have complaints, they should address them to their "god".

Oh, by the way - since when was Israel "Palestinian" land, since the Palestinians don't even exist? How can a people who do not exist have land stolen from them? Sounds like stealing from ghosts to me...

Here, I've done your research for you. This page debunks the myth of the so-called "Palestinians".
Now you can go and do something useful for a change.... :)

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Hi -
I sometimes drop in to JihadWatch - it's very good.
Haven't seen Winds of Jihad - I'll check them out.

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Indeed.... ;)
I was going to edit my comment above to say that there is nothing wrong with being against EVIL. Whether Islam is called an ideology or a "religion", it is still evil.
My research (personal research, that is) has utterly convinced me that Islam is far closer to being a fascist-style ideology than a religion. You will increasingly come across the term "Islamofascism" on the web. That is a very appropriate term for the so-called "religion".

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I am PROUD to be "anti-Islamic", as "Worthatry" says.
If Worthatry actually did some in-depth research, he would find out that Islam is not so much a "religion" as a totalitarian, fascist-style IDEOLOGY-cum-personality-cult centered around Mohammad.

There is no more "shame" in being anti-Islamic than there is in being anti-Nazi. There is NOTHING WRONG in being against an ideology - especially one as evil as Islam.

Worthatry says that "the Western world" was "founded on violence".
I am indeed familiar with the rapacious exploits of the various Western nations - the Spanish in particular were vicious. But hey - what about Islam? THEY didn't get to be in control of all of North Africa, then across to Pakistan and down to Indonesia - just by taking a ***holiday cruise....***

DO YOUR RESEARCH, Worthatry, before getting into topics that you know almost nothing about. You are out of your depth here, sunshine...

I've been researching Islam almost every day for about the past eight years. Can you, Worthatry, make such a claim? Are you still so ignorant about Islam that you want to defend it?

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It's sad to see someone like Millie Holmes going "down the tubes" and hanging around with such losers as the guy in the photo.
It's the old story, ay - "you just can't tell them. They don't want to know."
I almost think that she should be "committed" for her own good. Better that than continue on the path that she's on.

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Completely right as usual, WO.
As for these "9/11 conspiracy" FOOLS -
You are completely incapable of understanding that Muslims are very able and willing to do such acts of terror. No "conspiracy theory" is needed.
Mohammad (you know, that guy who Muslims look up to as an example) *** TIED AN OLD WOMAN TO TWO CAMELS AND RIPPED HER IN HALF!!! *** Have a look - it's in the Quran.
And yet you STILL can't believe that Muslims are capable of such evil!

Were the two attacks in Bali "staged"? Were those in London, Madrid and Beslan?
How utterly bizarre and ridiculous these conspiracy theorists are.
Here, you fools - this site will debunk you once and for all -

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Here's a clue for the judges (who don't seem to HAVE any.... )
If a crim is so "stressed" about having their name released, *****THEN THEY SHOULD NOT DO THE CRIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *****
Are there ANY sane judges left in this country?
Has there ever BEEN such a thing?

I mean, FFS!
**I** could claim "stress" as well, on account of my PENIS SIZE.
YOU try walking around with nineteen inches and see how your day goes..... That DOESN'T mean that I have to commit fraud, rob a bank or whatever....

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Very cool, WO!