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Hmm who knew? Although I know I heard that the Greeks or Romans had some sort of rudimentary form of plumbing...not sure if that's true though. People are really amazing. How they even knew how to do things that most people don't know how to do now is beyond me. I do dread the thought of going without plumbing. That, and I don't really want to run from cannibals...just sayin' :P

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Things will only get worse...Like you said, just wait until they are desperate for food. People would probably resort to cannibalism within a month of some sort of 'crisis'....FYI I don't want to be meal lol

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I hope your kids recover soon. Bronchitis and pneumonia can be deadly. I'm wondering how long until tshtf too. I thought it would've already happened by now. I'm not as prepared as I should be, so I guess I should be glad that we have more time....It's just the not knowing when/how that is really getting to me....weird I know...

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Well call me old fashioned, but I like some things from the God, freedom, the Constitution, guns...I could go on, but you get the point. Don't get me wrong, I do like some new fangled things like indoor plumbing and other things that make life easier too. lol :P

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All pedophiles take jobs where they have access to children, and most pedophiles are married. Celibacy does not turn people into pedophiles or homosexuals. All single people are supposed to be celibate until married. Not that they all are but God frowns on sex outside of marriage.

I understand the many reasons that the Church demands this of priests, but it is a man-made rule not one that God demands. Personally, I think they should allow priests to marry, but if their marriage ends in divorce then they have to leave the priesthood. For one thing, the Church could not financially sustain child support payments etc. and I think that the property is in the name of the local bishops which would also cause a problem in the cases of divorce.

Also, you didn't offend me. I just get tired of the frequent misconception that every priest is out to get children. I also get tired of the libs acting like no one is accountable for their actions. I really do believe that pedophiles are murdering the children that they attack, and that the only way to stop them is with a shot to the head....I know it's not very Christian of me, but they can have up to 100 victims or more and it has to be stopped.

I thought this was a good article about homosexuals and child abuse:

As for the original post...The libs have an 'anything goes' mentality and a total lack of morality. Of course they are pushing bestiality now, they are degenerates looking to rip all of the goodness out of this world. God is probably completely disgusted with our country and all of the things we allow...imho

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@Mac....You know what? I am a Catholic, and I am sick and tired of people like you claiming that every priest is a pedophile. I would never defend the actions of the Catholic clergy that have attacked children, but despite what the msm says it is only a few not the many that msm has pretended it to be.

There are more teachers that have assaulted children than there are from any Church denomination -- but you will never hear that from the msm.

In addition to that, 99% of the attacks that happened in the Catholic Church were not acts of pedophilia as the msm likes to portray, but instead actually gay men masquerading as priest and assaulting 15 year old boys. Men shouldn't be assaulting teen boys either, but it isn't pedophilia.

So there are really two problems. First, the Church should do a better job screening potential priests, so that gay men are not among them. Second, when anyone abuses a child they should be prosecuted immediately.

Also, since there isn't one single case of pedophilia being cured, pedophiles should either be locked up for life, or (my preference) get the death penalty because when you rape a child you have killed the person they would've been…And before you say that the Church is against the death penalty, I'll correct you by telling you that in cases where a person is a danger to all then the death penalty is acceptable. Of course, if you could lock them up permanently so that they couldn't get access to a child then I guess you could do that, but I would rather make sure they get a double tap instead.

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Ohio has really gone down the tubes. Kasich vowed to change things, but when it came to setting up the exchange to get Ocare going, or to just saying no, he chose to set up the exchange. Now he is expanding medicare to make way for Ocare.

Cincinnati has been run by the left for decades, which explains a lot. Recently they wanted a street car to nowhere, but the people voted no. Surprise, they are going ahead with it anyway. That kind of thing has happened a lot here.

As far as this anti-gun bill, I just don't know how to stop them. I call, email, and tweet, but nothing seems to matter. They do what they want anyway.

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They are out of control! Is there any way for the people of Missouri to stop this?
I cannot believe that this is America now GRRRRRR
What are we supposed to do? They keep pushing and pushing, hoping we will react the way the left always does (with violence)... I sometimes wonder if we will go the way of the Jews during the reign of the nazis...

Here is a audio clip of one of Ohio's state legislators trying to defend his obvious power grab called OH SB18:

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Listen to an Ohio lawmaker try to explain why he wants to make all gun owners in Ohio felons:

If you live in Ohio, call the Ohio General Assembly and tell them that SB 18 (the anti-gun bill) would make virtually all law abiding gun owners in Ohio felons.

Notice section D of the bill:

(D) As used in this section, "assault weapon" means an automatic firearm that has not been rendered permanently inoperable, a semi-automatic firearm capable of accepting a detachable magazine with the capacity to accept ten or more cartridges, and a semi-automatic firearm with a fixed magazine with the capacity to accept ten or more cartridges.

Read the entire bill here:

This bill is a blatant power grab by people that clearly need to be voted out of office. It is sponsored by Senator Smith, and cosponsored by Senators Brown, Kearney, Skindell, Tavares, Turner -- Remember those names the next time you're in the voting booth.

Click here to look up your legislator:

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Shouldn't a president not ever have to say that he isn't a dictator? lol Anyone with common sense knows that he is a wannabe dictator. He just doesn't have the know-how to pull off a full fledge Hitler move.

I often wonder if his handlers are starting to get sick of him...if he has outlived his usefulness. Will they let him leave the office alive? Not that he would ever go against them, but he is really annoying and there is only so much mileage that they can get out of 'he is black'. I'm afraid that they will do something (or attempt) to do something to him and blame it on us.

They keep pushing and pushing us, but so far the conservatives have not reacted like the left. I think they will stage something soon. Why else buy all of that ammo? Just a thought...